Suggestion - Stop Player BA core being spawned underground

I posted this suggestion on the official forum…

So repeating the text again below for HWS discussion as well…

"OK - this is squarely aimed at the PvP online game, but probably wouldn’t make a big difference to PvE ether.

Like the recent patch that stops turret weapons firing under ground level, I think it should NOT be possible to spawn a player BA core below ground or manually place (page down). Though it would be best if this was a config file option, as some PvE guys love to build sub terrain complexes etc, it is PvP servers this limitation would really be a benefit for.

If that is not programmatically possible, then player BA cores should not function below ground level - so the BA is non powered/functioning.

Currently in PvP There is a huge tendency to bury cores deep in the ground, so that even if a base has been successfully assaulted, it becomes a massive task to then dig down into the earth to capture. This is even worse on non destructible terrain.

This results in dull and tiresome gameplay.

It has been proven with the turret detection of ground level coding that this facility exists in game at the moment, so I would hope that it would not be too difficult to extend this to core placement as well and raise PvP BA assaults gameplay value as a result."

What does anyone else think of this idea/suggestion for Eleon?

I like the idea of burying the core, capturing a base is long tedious work. My preference is leave it as-is. The longer it takes doesn’t bother me.


From my understanding we will be able to take over other peoples pictures next season anyways so why bother?