Suggestion to reduce toxic behavour

Seldom do I make suggestions via a forum. I am here now because I care and I am torn.
Have we considered making opposing factions incapable of talking to each other via general chat? Much like WoW, where alliance and horde can’t communicate, HWS neeeds more tools in place to reduce toxic behavour. Where banter has its place in a competitive game, it is often taken too far. Examples include, but not limited to, slander, direct insults, and homophobic slurs to name a few. Might I suggest we make a greater focus on measuring pvp dominance with action rather than words. I suggest we make Alliance and Lawless incapable of communication with each other and Freelancers can change between the two with a cooldown. Lastly, making the mute button persistent would be greatly appreciated.

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I get the feeling this would be something that would need to be taken to Eleon as im not sure its something that can be eddited

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have suggested to Eleon many many many times… see allot of others do so as well…
what most suggestions are; global, playfield, custom

Thanks for that suggestion @Reverendmeat
You are not alone with that and it’s not new either.

Interestingly PvP and Toxicity gets heated badly towards the end of a season.

Based on the current situation I once again contacted Eleon about it and it looks good for the future. We might get better tools in the next patches about it.

If it comes down to Admin / Rule intervention I am currently very busy with preparing the new season and working on other Empyrion things (I’m not only responsible for HWS but also for the official Eleon servers, QA and Co.)

Anyways, I try to police that once again more harder now with just plain and quick temporary bans to make a statement, that we don’t want that on HWS.
If I’m asleep or miss something, I appreciate nevertheless the help of the Community:

I would suggest doing away with the guilty/no guilty system as it promotes grieffing combat which needlessly renders Alliance members guilty, exacting a price on us, a price pirate groups do not pay. This discourages pvp playing, as one doesn’t want to deal with a convoluted system which isn’t fully supported by Eleon.

An alternative which might promote Alliance members engaging in pvp is to render the guilty element a thing only for priates/lawless origins and those alliance or freelance origins whom join factions which engage in or possess the majority of their materials in pvp space. Such persons chose to engage in lawless activities, while alliance members tend to engage in pve and lawful activities. This further clarifies the roles of the origins as lawful and lawless.

Additionally, perhaps if you are intent on keeping the Guilty system, you make it so that you cannot buy resources if you are guilty. For example, you cannot buy a ship from ECC, the market or use the HWS market if you are guilty. More over, if over 50% of your faction possesses players who are guilty, the whole become guilty (birds of a feather).

I have a question to rexxxus . temporary bans is how long ?

sometimes this gaming drama looks more like kindergarden. Toxicity, blaming, cheating, drama, aint gaming, it just make even less want to play the game. Unfortunately when ever theres much people in gaming, theres allways this kind of things and thats pretty sad

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You know what the sad thing is ? everyone wants tools to prevent this nonsense but the reality is, those who are undisciplined enough to babble that kind of junk in public should have been stomped out long ago and thats why RexXxuS is making changes because some people just don’t learn when you try to be too nice and this toxicity rule has been long overdue.

It takes a firm hand from a community leader to get his point across on how he wants his rules to be followed and that firm hand alone will kill toxicity, along with the many supporters now following this anti toxicity campaign.

Everyone has the ability to excercise enough discipline to not resort to toxic or pre toxic statements or behaviour.

If they cant do that here, they wont be here much longer because not only do they disrespect the community but also RexXxuS, jascha and all the work they have done by reducing the server to a toxic garbage heap.

In the meantime everyone now has a fair chance to fix their attitudes and question their own agendas as to why they need to be so toxic.

I am optimistic about the future regarding this subject and am no longer the slightest bit concerned of the matter of toxicity ^-^

It will be wiped like out like a fleet of escape pods passing pvp space.

Pew pew pew

Welcome to the revolution players !