6. Consequences & Disclaimer



If no admins were present during an alleged incident, you MUST provide proof which supports your claims: Photos are good, but videos are best.

Without such evidence, any assistance you may receive will be significantly and understandably reduced.

Each incident / claim will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis as there are so many potential situations. We will always look at a report in an unbiased manner and will do what we determine to be appropriate.

Final Judgement

HWS Staff have the final word on the validity and repercussions of any claims following an investigation.

The HWS Staff genuinely cares about this community and will serve that purpose by making fair and reasonable judgments about any given situation we deem important to the well-being of the community as a whole.

We do not, however, engage in drama or personal disputes that do not violate / involve the rules.

  • If you frivolously make claims and accusations which prove to be false, you will be punished.

Bottom Line

When you join HWS, you entered into a large, friendly, helpful and respectful community.
Any violation of our guiding principles is punishable.


This game is in Alpha, and it comes with Alpha issues. You can and probably WILL lose things to bugs, issues and unexpected - possibly even unrealistic incidents and game errors. This is the nature of Early Access Games.

You implicitly agree to all of these conditions when you play an EA (early access) game. You accept the risk of these things possibly happening and must accept the consequences of losing ingame assets. For most people who play EA games, this is widely understood – but for some, the expectation of polished perfection exists, and unrealistic demands of recompense follow.

This is also true for our HWS servers. We have never ran such a big community nor do we always know everything in detail. We are trying our very best, day and night, to provide you a free server to play on and guarantee to help, fix problems and improve as long as we exist.

RED - Continuing to exploit
Reporting ACP Griefing
Stolen assets returned to original owner by moderator despite no rules being broken
PKA HV causing CONSTANT internal errors
None's Guide to living on PvP (Not completed)
Griever Relkaz needing attention it seem's