Suggestion: We direly need adventure guides!

We need guides for people to know what they can find and look for.
Especially newcomers are totally helpless and rely on hints from the community, if they are communicative and speak english well enough.

What we really need (I’d recommend a dedicated place on the wesite) is simple story driven guides that gives clues and hints without revealing too much.
It could be a single sentence about each “secret”

Just an example:

The old man was all alone on the table in the corner talking to himself: ‘Gone is all my strength. I am old and weak … barely able to lift myself from the bed. But boy … in the old days on Eden you should have seen me jump through the Majestic Temple. My clan was proud when I brought all the wealth, so much fusion so much gold… How daring I was to search for this secret place all in the coldest part of the planet’.

Or another one:

When I was young I always wanted to be like Indiana Spacejones, finding ancient alien wrecks and treasure… I had this dream of finding this ancient trader mothership on Atlantis where I heard about epic items to be found. Now I’m not that stupid anymore. No one believes it ever existed, they said it crashed into a mountain due to drunk flying and sank deep down drowning all the crew. Aliens don’t drink, right?!

PVP, PVE, traders, secrets, missions … It won’t be too easy but people need to know WHAT is available, WHY they want to go there and some clues HOW to find the place.
P.S. I’ve no idea where Majestic is exactly :slight_smile:

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Great idea and also on my list :slight_smile:

HWS 8.X was basically the fundament. The day has only 24 hours :hear_no_evil:
I like to improve it with feedback like that and if you have more of such “milestone” storys, just add them here

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I wish I had, I’m a noob and know nothing else :slight_smile:
Fasgort probably could help more, that guy was crawling everywhere in the world :>

But yea, it could be community driven on a sticky thread with someone collecting the stories. And deleting those with too much spoiler.

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Hehe, maybe I’ll reveal all my secrets once I achieve OCD7. But not yet.

Ah it’s not about revealing all of them.
It’s about giving some clues so people know what’s out there and where to search.
The clue can be though (like Indiana Spacejones) or easier (like Majestic if I had known the exact location)

I bet you have plenty of lesser important locations, people should know what’s out there.
Otherwise a lot of the work Rexxus put into all the NPC/trader/POIs is partly wasted if people don’t know about it.

Sure I used to be an adventure like you, until I took a laser rifle shot to the knee.