Suggestions lack of common resources

There is simply no real method of getting lots of common resources easily anymore . I think a simple modification to the 2 new pve planets that where added can fix this.

Make those planets SV only and no bases but have a plethora of deposits that won’t deplete and can’t be mined, this is going to help new players with getting large amount of ores with ease.

Only if there are tons and tons of Drones. And you need a base to spawn the HV. No one even noobs want to mine by hand. Also resources should not be that easy to get. Then you have the outrageous builds that other servers have in their PVE environment. HWS has gone through great length it seems to not have that issue. I would rather see a surface wipe of some planets once a week. Perhaps even just PVP. More important is the Erestrium needs to be in more places as all Advance weapon ammo is needed it now.

If there was to be a resource rich PVE planet would love to see it have a CV restriction. Daily wipe. All game resources. But also a high drone count with a Drone base that is admin core so that the drones keep spawning. Then at least 2 maybe more PV with the same admin core on the base so it can not be taken out. Make players earn the resource instead of just giving it freely.

Remember guys, that all basic building materials are available, and constantly dropping in the form of meteorites, on Auctoria! The balance here being the hostile environment, and the planet going pvp on weekends for the “Main Event”.

Mining by hand hv meteors is brutal. This does not effect me personally i have millions of ores in my ocd but the poor newbies.

Even pvp planets are starved for resources.

Exactly I am deep in the map but if I was new at this point it would be hard to want to continue. Sure there is the store and 2 other servers but still hoping maybe we can persuade Rex into a fix. Just hope the fix is not free resources on an Easy PVE planet with little danger.

Then there is the issue of the best spot for Mats for ammo is in Blackhole. That happens to be the biggest PVP spot. Cant PVP without Ammo and cant get ammo without PVP…Dont know about anyone else but I can take POI with low tier ammo. I wont shoot at players with Cannon and Minigun. Waste of their time to try to defend like that. LMAO.

Let us analyze this here:

“Real method” >

  1. PDA missions
  2. Ingame NPC Trader
  3. HWS NPC Trader
  4. POI hunting
  5. Ingame Marketplace
  6. HWS Marketplace
  7. Vulc Galaxy + Nomad Empire PvPvE rotations (especially for rare)
  8. Origin Planets

So real methods ARE there but maybe still not “enough”.

“Easy” >

  1. Some people want to fight for them and some not. Very difficult subject
  2. If you get them easy what is your motivation after you have of each resource 1 billion in your boxes?
  3. If you get them easy so others get them easy. If others get them easy you won’t have a lot anymore for yourself.

Again, that is sadly not working like this.
Won’t deplete? Not possible.
Can’t be mined? You mean indestructible surface and AFK Autominer farming? Not possible.

I get all your ideas guys and maybe it is still “not enough” you can get with 100+ players around but what I am very sensitive about is “greed”. No matter if gold or resources or RP etc. I check the HWS Marketplace? Full of good stuff nobody is buying. I sort the Bank accounts in our tool and see abundance of million credits by players they not spending for something (not speaking of full OCDs anyways).

So yeah :slight_smile: tricky one.
But indeed there are ways to not make it simple for greeders but good for new players. I have some ideas, started with the PDA but more are possible very soon.

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I only bring this up because i see many new players ask this question. They only ask ingame is my guess and i take it none are actually checking the pda.

You forgot one super easy way @RexXxuS , the OAM. Using HWS connect getting to OAM 5 and keeping them full is not hard at all.

I think this is really about the fact normal auto miners are not giving infinite resources on PVE planets.
News flash! the game developers didn’t like this and removed it. Just be glad you no longer have to mine by hand like you did in early versions of the game.

But as I stress and continue to stress to all new players EXPLORE. The GG asteroid belt is huge and full of resources. Several other systems have asteroids full of resources. I was alone on Earth for a week. Mar’s is just as bad, and most of the nodes are there as well. But mining nodes is not a thing anymore. Adapt and over come.

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+1 It is even more rare than magnesium. It would be cool to have them at Lyra Belt and Orion Asteroids.

also quick question regarding POIs at planets in Zirax Home: do they regenerate along with POIs on Homeworld?
it is either my bad luck or they are empty any time trying to visit them so cannot finish PDA mission with killing 10 shotgunners.

They regenerate every 12 hr I think it is. Sadly though there are those among us that know how to take them down in 10 min flat so after they regen someone is taking them down again. Maybe someday the core placement can become random so you dont know just where to blow open the hole to take out the core and loot them so fast.

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Yeah some of those ways I was not aware of myself and been here 3+weeks and completely new to HWS so learning on the fly. Now if I was new to the game I would find the server impossible though it really is not. This is why I was trying not to dismiss the idea of a planet that has so many resources on it you could not mine them all out in the say 12hr period between wipes. Also though that you are constantly worried about drones attacking you. Needing that CV to be well armed to take down drones no matter where you leave it. Not being able to run around in a Ladybug mining with no weapons as you would be destroyed.

I get you concern for those that are just greedy and needy. Its hard to weed them out from the others. Another idea for this planet for all those sitting on loads of cash is pay by the hour to be on the planet. Every hour you are there costs you x amount. Make Gold the only resource not on the planet so you are not making 20 times what you are paying. Be great is if you could charge by the hour but based on Player level. So noobs are not charged what the guy like me has been on for weeks. Though I dont have million stored away. I might be up to a mill not sure. LOL.

I will say this though and I insult anyone wont go to PVP but it needs to be said. HWS is the only server I have found that puts so much into making the server friendly for all players. At the same time restricting PVE players from building so much the server crashes. So many other communities refuse to do anything to control this.

Eventually the game will balance out and become less of a strain on admins to keep Mats for all. In the mean time guys lets be greatful for HWS and their hard work. Words are cheap but all I got atm. That and well I am often watching the community help English to try to pay forward HWS staff’ work.