Sunday April 9th 8pm EST : experimental branch fight

Lag seems better after testing with up to 3 people. Let’s add more people until we break stuff.

Thursday April 6th at 8:30pm Eastern time we will be testing again on the official experimental server. If you RSVP here we will stock a ship for you.

Edit: Please be in Akua by 8:15pm so that we can give out ships to start fighting at 8:30.


@colin2cold, @Mattcore37k, @Obsey, @darthn8ers, @Ranzeth, @CenturionOp4, @Pumpula, @Mordgier, @Vandruis, @andreataff (sorry can only tag 10)

Sorry, not sorry, for the mass tagging – But i thought this worthy to bring some of the old names back in to test this, as i know this is near and dear to their hearts.

Some of you may already be in the “we” above - But hey – Can we break something or no?

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Yup - was there with Xanif and TomCat - and it’s much improved.

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I will be on. Can someone tell me what time is that in EU?


12:30 am GMT Friday April 7th


Sadly I have to redact and will be unable to join. Something came up tonight. Best of luck and God speed.

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I’ll head over and help run some stress tests… get one ready for me too, lets kick the tires and light some fires!!! :slight_smile:


I’ve got a maxed character and a ship ready to throw down.


Someone build and load something for me I can be a body. Won’t be home until 5-6 that night. PST.

Just want to bump this thread, because we always looking for more.

Time will be 7:30 pm CST on 4/6/17.

The meeting point will be the trade station in Akua orbit. Would like all volunteers to be logged in and in that orbit before we start, also having discord is a must to coordinate between everyone.

If you are new to the Test server select Masperon for your origin so we will be able to balance teams.

I am looking forward to these test results, I really hope that they will bring a lot of PvP population back to 6.0.

If any questions message me here on the forums or in discord.

That’ll be 5:30 my time, but should be able to show up and throw down some ammo. :smiley:

you got the date wrong… should be 4/6/17 as mentioned in the post title

You’re right, my bad

Well three of us were on, trying to get together some things since the chat commands were down, and got trolled by someone on the starter planet, and I got stuck in a POI because I kept respawning with no o2. So good luck, we will not be attending.

Exp 2.0 wiped all the ships we prepped and chatbot commands aren’t working so we will need to reschedule this.

Sorry everyone :frowning:

If you post the best days available to you we can try to schedule the test to get as many people as possible.

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guessing sometime this weekend then… maybe Saturday same time or later?

Want to try for Sunday night around 8pm est,

that works, want to edit the post / subject so we can get others as well

  • updated on behalf of OP. :slight_smile:
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