Survey reward

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What happened: Missing reward for survey
Player(s) with issue: RuneZ, Skipper
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Some days ago
Playfield: Not relevant
Structure Name(s): Not relevant
Structure ID(s): Not relevant
How can we help you now: We did the survey and believe we provided valid answers, haven’t received AM cores or credits yet and sounds like everyone else has more or less :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the participation but I don’t understand…

It is even in your HWS Connect… image

Everything is there.

Hi RexXxuS,
thanks for the quick reply! That is weird, I haven’t noticed it and I don’t see it in my log on the dashboard (which I expected I would) - however I guess they could’ve gone in without me noticing…
I’ve attached a screen cap of my dashboard.

I think I read somewhere we would get 10 AM Cores as well - those I’m quite sure we haven’t received, at least I think we would have noticed. Did I misread og miss something?

Ahh I think I get it now - I’ve received it on the NA server where I also have a character, I don’t really play on this server though which I think I also wrote in the survey…

Sorry for the mess but is it possible to get it transferred to EU server?

ah sorry, I thought NA cause it was the first hit.

Yeah, I try to transfer it today.

Skipper didn’t participate in the survey though. So only you get it today.

Thank you :slight_smile: That is weird though, I actually sat next to him and saw him fill out the survey. Could he have misspelled his name? Maybe he wrote the faction name TiS in front of it…

Nope, not in the list

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