Survival Constructors disappearing

Hey all,
since the HWS 3.0 i’m trying, as everyone else, to start again my life here.

I started on MARS and both Yesterday and today, after logging out for some hours i found my Survival Constructor disappeard. The first time i just found nothing on his place, but my O2 generator was still in the water, the second time the SC was not there anymore, but i found the bag containing SOME of the items the SC contained (none of the ingots was there anymore).

I suppose that someone is going around blowing up the SC to get the ingots inside…maybe is true, maybe not…if so, this is quite a way to attack someone in PvE zone.

So i’m asking:

  1. Is this some kind of new “rule”? Is the SC disappearing for some “legal” reason? (Like the SC will disappear after 5 hours of inactivity)
  2. Is someone griefing? (Like crashing with the Motorcycle into the SC to blow it up)

It’s ok for me, i know the game is buggy and i’ll find a way to survive the third time…the sad thing is that probably someone is quite weird here, anyway to find out who?

Thx, and…beware all out there, dont lose everything for no reason! :wink:

Hey Whitesage,

PvE is normally all cool. Except bugs maybe.
Do you have any stuff in your Intruder Log?

There is a kind of trend recently where people grief on PvE though. Need the names…

Yeah, sorry for the “almost all-whine” post, I should have remembered to wait 15 minutes before posting :smiley:

The Logs say a lot of strange thing, but that’s what it usually do…a lot of damage from strange people to strange things…

On Mars i have most of all:

  • Me, dealing damage to the ship/base “Little Fry” (Maybe the damage from the “crash”?)
  • -Thomson- dealing damage to “Capital Vessel (CV)”
  • SpanishNL dealing damage to “Capital Vessel (CV)”

But I don’t have a CV…just a SC.

I’ll play more safe next time, every day is a school day! :wink:

Sorry again for bothering!