Surviving LBP Assaults

One idiot is all it takes to ruin it for everyone.

I will not be sharing any designs in the future. You want them. Kill me and figure it out.

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Good reason too as then everyone would be flying that ship , even the pirates.

Think a lot of the kills are due to the fact of

One solo vs 2-3+
Two bad ship design
Three after people jump the lag , dc , errors one might have.

It is good imo that we have pirates to " worry " about. Space should be dangerous even if I did loose one ship to them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once again. Reading comprehension fails you. That is my point. This ship can make it from warp in point to the planet atmosphere under fire.

Pirate trying to help a trader seems legit.

Mordgier if you really wanted to help just upload your pirate ship build on the workshop ?

Nope yeah that is what I thought " trying to help " sure you are …l…

You know what Token - design your own damn ship.

lol , The day of the CUBE is back :frowning:

na Mordgier your right think we both have a passion for the game ,

Just really think the CV fights are over way to fast , splash dmg is broeken imo atm , CV can out turn a SV , atm ,

We really need longer space battles , give us the joy of being killed / killing vs the amount of time it takes to build the dam things. Atm I bet most space battles don’t last 30 seconds

I liked Mordgier first message. Their he was trying to help Traders.

lol ikr haha

bet he had the core one layer deep just in the center back :blush:

No, Actually I think he really his trying to help traders. Most likely he his tired of being able to shoot down traders in 30 seconds and actually wants a bit of fun rather then one shooting them.

My friends and I had a good fight count the LBP, the trader planet of the incident, were surrounded by three or four ships and resisted well, however when trying to enter the trader planet and leave the ship crashed and did not move more, do not know exactly how long it lasted, but it was well amis 30 seconds, if she had not caught there, we could have left there whole yet, some of us died is true because we were in an area of little nature protected, however the ship has already been updated and logo’ll be ready for new battles … and more strong and tough, now wanted to and get these bastards groups sneaky trades that attack you without you even provoke and even destroy all your base and pillage all, a clear break of shows server rules, I will hunt this person Rat …

If by 30 seconds you mean 10 minutes then yes.