SV - auto FIRE

Due to the fact that due to lags and bugs and other unknown garbage, it is impossible to aim and shoot normally from course guns on small ships and a lot of nerves are spent, and sometimes this makes you want to send imperion far away, I suggest: add automatic turrets of real damage to the Arsenal of small ships (do not offer machine guns) that will make the game on small ships more adequate and enjoyable. Vote, suggest. I think three missile turrets will be enough.

I vote NO. Lets wait for HWS 14 and see what Rex does with the configs and maybe by the grace of God Eelon fixes their coding!

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Oh poor Co6!.. :smiley: Haven’t you got auto-fire features for SV still? :smiley:

Actually not the worst idea since SV can do absolutely nothing against HV in fair fight. Maybe it will be fun to add couple rocket and plasma turrets.

P.S. just keep PvEing in DU :wink:

Yes yes we always was wait sombody and somthing! Be FErst make game better with yerself!

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and where is u vote, bugusers? :slight_smile:

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I can’t leave a vote in PvE propeller fake report faction’s topic :smiley:

Then id suggest disabling shields. Not adding turrets to SVs. No one wants to rework their SVs mid-season just to have to rework them again in a month or two! This will force more people to take a break. Disable or nerf shields hard. I have no problems fighting HVs in SVs that arent shielded :wink:

lul, doing this you got a lot of free CPU which means complete redesign :laughing:

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taking out CPU is 100X eaiser to rebuild than forcing more CPU into meta builds. I could rebuild this in an hour. Forcing me to somehow figure out where to remove CPU will take days.

Shield are perfectly fine, I take them down in seconds. If I can do it, everyone else can!

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Oh, really? Can you teach us how you do it?

Nope, learn how to do it yourself. I spend many hours trying to figure out the best possible way to do it, why can’t you or anyone else to the same?

We are talking about SVs here. There is no fast way to knock down shield on SVs. Using antimatter + laser macro fire need time. Do you got smth better?


Stop trying to find an “EASY BUTTON” to take out shields and learn the system Rexxus created and >>>>> Figure it out yourself!

This system not work … but … heh u not player - u not understand …

Sorry man, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Hey guys, as a veteran SV Pilot, the shields are fine on sv’s. OG is right, we have done a lot of testing with the hws config. And ive seen the gun layouts on my enemy sv’s bps. Its not the shields, its you! Ive fought many players, some are able to drop my shields, some cant. Usually just the desync the makes most people miss, which is why they cant drop peoples shields.
IMO, shields are fine, Nerf Base Shields though. Tiss All.

I’m not talking about shields here. I think that a few turrets on SV will give the game more dynamics and color.

Sv’s are SUPPOSE TO BE for the people who actually have some skills.
NO TURRETS!!! the miniguns are ok for killin people on foot

I have no problem with shields dropping. Honestly I haven’s see any reason to change anything.