SV deleted on GG

just currious what happend to SV, made it class 1, doublechacked because of warnings, after some time i noticed its gone.

Structure commander
Elfias VWing 42865 COPY Golden Globe 1598 50 -1330 0 7402 1 True 2538 0 00:33 250 3050 True

So it seems it really was class 1. Most of all stuff in cargo is what i miss like 10 cores and some explanation what that was about to not repeat my mistake if its my fault.

Thank you


if you want I can get it back. It looks like a Game - bug. Can you confirm that it was in the Red-Pole area?

3287 22.10.2017 04:23:24.246 W SV (42865) Elfias VWing is in pole (NS:-1.728/ Height:1.000/ EW:1.598) on Golden Globe for at least 3 minutes
3288 22.10.2017 04:23:24.247 W SV (42865) Elfias VWing got warped out of pole.
3289 22.10.2017 04:23:24.247 W SV (42865) Elfias VWing was deleted since it could not be warped out of pole for 6 times.

Oh my god, nooo, not the red area, what are these barriers doing to me lately :smiley:
It was inside CV and i turned for second and when i turned back it was gone.

I wont mind it back, it was nicely loaded. Jascha can you deliver it somewhere…safe please? It wont last long on GG, alone, without me petting it :smiley: Maybe to GMC space or something please.
Thank you in any case information is power!

P.S.: Poor ship tried to warp out for 6 times, its good ship, refused to give up, such a struggle!

Ok done.
Resurrected it. You will see it in the registry.

Thank you very much kind sir!

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