SV disappeared in Golden Globe

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I fought in the air over Alien Base, my ship disappeared, I fell from the sky about Alien Base and it killed me. Then I tried to get my backpack and died 5 times from the fire Alien Base. In the backpack I lost fuel, laserrifle, plasma, food, ammo, pentaxid, scanner ore, drill, multitool and charges. The ship too had things. My SV was 1st class and there were no warnings from the server.
Player(s) with issue: TIaBaJI
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 16 January 18:33
Playfield: Golden Globe
Structure Name(s): Imp Tie-Bomber
Structure ID(s): 13600381
How can we help you now: return my SV, compensate lost resources and please fix this bug

Sorry for that. The SV is already back on Earth.
Backpack will come in a sec

thank you