SV Dissappeared (EU)

So, I moved my SV from Mars planet to Mars orbit (as I understood it, the wipe is just the planet playfield), and moved the SV 30k away from phobos, as I was going to be offline for about 24 hours. I logged back in and the SV was gone, no tag like it had been destroyed or anything. HWS Connect had nothing on intruder log, so is there something I’m missing (aside from the SV, lol)? The SV was a small one, so the chances of someone finding it should have been slim but maybe the block count was small enough to be auto deleted? Block count is 177.

Currently I have no way to continue that character without the SV, I can always wipe an start over if someone legitimately swiped the SV, but I’d like to rule out the possibility of the mighty server tool critting me, lol

Hey Shadinaxx,

how was the SV called? I hope it was not nameless? :open_mouth:
If you say it was small maybe it fell under the decay time?

-> DecayTime: 1 # Time after which player-built structures without core or less than 10 blocks get removed when not visited

I think it was named recluse, but I honestly dont recall if I named it, lol

It did have a bunch of ores and mats in it, but I’d be just as happy with a ride back to mars, as I have a survival constructor on me. I had anticipated the possibility of someone stealing the ship, and thought I had enough mats in my factory to spawn another, but I am shy a few mats, lol

Hm, a SV called like that was not found.
I warped you to Mars again.

Thank you :slight_smile: