SV Garage Fighters

Due to CPU and new flight model, as we have all noticed, SVs have become the runt of the litter so to speak when it comes to combat vessels. Take one look at the garage and SV fighters are obsolete. I suggest increasing or removing the limit amount of overlimit weapons for SVs. Would be great to see Garage SV Fighters and SV Deathmatch Events become a thing again.

What do you guys think?

Edit: Ohh, also. I think forcing exposed thrusters on SVs is a big deterrent from building fighters because of the redundancy they require. This was much easier to accomplish when CV thrusters were allowed, as you needed much less of them.


I’m not one for any garage ship that may get destroyed personally, I don’t want to lose them so I don’t want to buy one.

That being said, I think it would be really cool if captured garage ships could be restored to their original value by the corer, no NPC core unless they add one but whoever captures it gets to repair it and use it themselves.

Either way the above turns out, SVs are notoriously weak right now, I would be interested to see SVs buffed a liiiiitttle bit, shields, mounted weapon health, something because they’re useless against HVs and bases right now. If you find an unlucky CV (cough Speed cough) you can take them down with an SV if you’re a da** good SV pilot and you have luck on your side, but that’s about all they can be used for.

The garage SV event would be nice, but the reason we have no pvp garage SVs is it’s so hard that anyone who can do it doesn’t want to risk the enemy gaining anything off their design. So there’s no way to get garage SV designs until we wait for designers to become more confident / competent and to actually design and upload them.

That being said, I submitted a garage ship to JU on 1/27/2020 and it was approved but still isn’t in the garage yet (we do dates differently in US) (I understand JU needs a break, I need one every now and then too) so there may be more garage SVs done that just haven’t made it up onto the market yet.

My point is, I would be interested to see SVs buffed and garage SVs would be cool but someone has to build them.

@HoboTruth the game limits the total amount of manual fire to i believe 24 max. i can see an appeal for maxing that out. just not sure the about lag consequences. im mainly imagining the drama caused by a block of pulse lasers going right through someone’s ship.

@WillEatsPie i have 2 in the garage and another submitted. all PvE miners of course. currently have an expedition class in the works as well. the fighter has been the most frustrating one to build. i have scrapped and started over many times even with non garage ships. sadly sv fighters are falling way behind currently. CPU has pretty much squashed our fun times of the past. so much for that “specialization” we were promised :frowning:

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Sorry - I was specifically referring to SV fighters, I have my own miners in the garage as well

Either way the above turns out, SVs are notoriously weak right now, I would be interested to see SVs buffed a liiiiitttle bit, shields, mounted weapon health, something because they’re useless against HVs and bases right now.

I strongly disagree with this. There were numerous cases of me in SV destroying HVs in 1v1 situation, and even CV once (proper full xeno pvp cv piloted by player who was on EU killboard). I’d say SVs are a bit overpowered currently. As long as you properly fly them.

I can confirm that about SV, was there when it happened. It was quite an WTF moment.

I think the reason people aren’t building them, at least in my case, isn’t about losing design intel to enemies. It’s because of CPU. You really can’t build anything more than a standard SV Fighter to put in the garage. There’s not really much point. Most fighters that I see don’t even run a full weapons compliment because of the tradeoffs for performance or shields, etc. If the over limit weapons amount was increased to 4 or even 6, you could have a ship with say 8 lasers and 8 homing rockets, making these tradeoffs more meaningful. Obviously, different weapons cost different amounts of CPU (i think lasers are most expensive?) so some of these weapon type decisions will bare a heavier cost to ship performance, but also open the door for a wide variety of fighter types. I think this would drive the incentive to design garage fighters again.

With that said, I’ve had a few things in the works. Been wanting to bring back the War Master. Just not happy with it given the current limits of the garage. Which is why i brought it up for discussion :slight_smile:

i think it’s 21 or 22. i agree removing the limit might be too much, but i think it should be bumped up to at least 4 over limit weapons, ideally 6. Ehh, lagshot is everywhere. Very prevalent right now. It’s not even the lasers i’d be worried about. Pretty sure any weapon can lag thru, but homing rockets seem to be the worst at the moment. HVs included. People are always gonna complain about lagshot. It’s just gonna happen.

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Can’t agree with you here. If this were true, then we’d see more people flying them. I haven’t talked to one person that is stoked on the current state of SVs. At least not on NA. I wouldn’t consider them useless, but they’re definitely no longer my weapon of choice. SV fighting used to be my favorite part of this game. Spend most of my time in a CV now. I think @WillEatsPie 's suggestion for SV buffs does hold merit. I know you mentioned taking out HVs and even a CV in an SV, but this has always been possible. It used to be easier. I think there are too many variables at play to base that as an assessment of SVs being overpowered…for one, you’re a great pilot…throw in poor design, poor pilot, lag, ping etc. and crazy things can happen. Personally, I’d be THRILLED if someone came at my CV in an SV and expected to win.

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@HoboTruth If you take the guns off the bottom of your CV, you may just have yourself a challenge. :slight_smile:

If this were true, then we’d see more people flying them.

HVs are easier to use, that’s the reason most players use them. Majority of empyrion community skill level is not that high, and people tend to use easier tactics. Docking made HVs easy to transport, that can be one of the reasons they are so popular as well.

In right hands, SV can outperform HV and be vital for base attacks due to it’s ability to pick better attack angles and snipe specific targets without being limited with autoturret attack orders.

Taking out HVs or CVs with SV is wrong because HVs are limited for planetary use only and CVs have much higher cost for ship. So to sum up, here’s what SV is capable of.

  1. Flying both in space and on planets
  2. Being able to compete with planetary resticted vessels
  3. Being able to compete with space restricted vessels

I’m not saying SVs need to be nerfed. Their performance is justified by proper piloting after all.
But they definitely don’t need a buff.

Although gameplay for HVs could see some improvements, in vanilla game it’s mounted weapons were not useless against ships and bases, but on HWS they are purely for NPC killing. Maybe make mounted gatling guns good for lightly armored blocks, at a cost of nerfing some of the turret damage output?

I agree with most of that. Though, I don’t think taking out a CV or HV with an SV is wrong. It’s hard to do and as you pointed out, takes a skilled pilot to accomplish. My biggest issue with them is how they handle due to CPU and flight model. I’d still like to see the class restriction be raised up to class 2. Ships would stay relatively the same size because of CPU, you’d just be able to afford more lagshot armor or maybe that last weapon type you couldn’t fit on there.

I’d also like to see improvements for HVs. Gatlings/miniguns should have a place other than NPC killing. I don’t think a damage nerf for other turrets would be necessary to justify this though. Considering how poorly they maneuver, i think their damage output is proper as it is. When you coming back to NA man?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would i do that??? That’s your job! :laughing:


that is the key phrase here. @Politary you are pretty dangerous with just about anything in this game. i have found spoiled food can be an effective weapon against morality when carried on your person for would be gankers :wink:

Na, spoiled food could still be used. I have instead been thinking of making a cargo SV to fly off a hot spot under attack with 10~15 cargo boxes, each filled with survival tools and maybe 1 small stack of something you would want towards the bottom.

That would be nice and frustrating!