SV Gatling gun in game does not deliver fire rate

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I cannot get the SV to fire the rate specific to the gatling gun on the HWS EU server.
I can kill a creature fast with my rifle, but not the SV.
If I go onto another server or creative mode, gun is perfect.

Looks like it only fires a round per second.
I have tried different SVs now.

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BTW, I am still in the Freelancer Starter world.

This is normal, because Gatling guns create lots of lag and on a server with 177 people its not possible to have it shooting 10 rounds per second x 20 ships with 8 each it will break the server the damage has been increased so the dps should still be higher than on creative, if your not able to kill a npc faster than creative then maybe your not in range check bottom right of screen for gun range, as Gatling are now lower range because they are buggy and shoot through armor.

I will try in the morning when there are a few users, but to my memory, I tried this and it was still slow. A Golem walks right upto my cockpit while I shot it at range with head shots. I then still need to fire a few slow rounds at point blank before it falls. The rifle takes it down I split seconds and at range. I have been on servers with 70 users and never had this type of delay. But lets do the test tomorrow and I will reply after that.

I think NPC was buffed as well you need to ask @A.F.T

Gatlings are nerfed a little… Reduce rate of rife… but add some more DMG… But NPC on HWS is verry hard… (it is not from config it is server setting).

I am just worried about PVP combat. It is a large part of my eventual game and strategy requires the use of Gatling and Minigun Turrets. In this instance, it would prove fatal to try that. Will need to relook. Designs of ships and structures are all calculated when designed. The Server should not be set to reduce given stats for a weapon.

It is the only weapon that can provide continuous hitting power while the big boys reload. Do not like what I am reading - does the new performance changes from EGS not now allow for a normal settings?

Yes, no difference if 1 user or a 100. No Lag issues here. Crafts move smoothly and everything else is fine.

This server could have been the ideal multiplayer server to recommend for my many friends to move over.

Why could you not have just left weapon rates as specified by the developers. What a pity.

Makes me wonder what else I will find changed as I go alone. Did you specify on your website what has been changed so we can decide whether to continue on this server?

For those reading this post, view the “HWS Config” for more clarity to changes that HWS might and can implement.

Alright, alright, stop a second…

We take feedback very serious but you have to be careful.

Couple of weeks before the Config even has seen daylight I’ve started a discussion round in what is for the HWS Community a possible change IF we had the chance to change it.

And for that question we had to look back and identify what problems we actually had.
If you take your time in reading the 300+ comments there

You will see that the PvPvE meta was horrible regarding lagshots and performance. Because performance also matters PvE.
After a lot of benchmarks the reason was obvious for everyone: the bullet turrets such as minigun, cannon or gatling guns were the performance killer number 1.
So obviously everyone agreed that we have to reduce the rate of fire of them significantly and now we see that it helped by a lot!
Killing POIs or Raptors can be done even by foot and still with gatling guns. Maybe harder than usual but HWS is in general harder (than SP for sure).

But it’s not really the point to adapt to our current changes or that we made very often sure that the current season is MAINLY for testing purposes until “everyone” is happy with it.

No, the point is that almost nobody participated in my call to help with changing / improving our Config.
And sure, there are always people now and say “eeeh, hey you fool, but I didn’t know! Where was the message, hm!?”.
The message, as you can see some people helped, were there but you were not there.
And as always and like in real life: “if you missed a meeting, live with the consequences because it was your responsibility to change the world”.

But no drama here, because the world isn’t done yet and see above: the iteration process just have begun.
I just don’t want to see any of these comments like

anymore. Because I didn’t see any contribution to our Config from you.

And this is for me honestly no contribution at all:

Because first, you maybe didn’t play with 20+ CVs involved in a fight on a MP server yet and second the Devs created the Config in first place for Singleplayer! Third we didn’t go nuts with the Config and changed a Pistol to a Laserpointer but instead stayed very close to the standards people already know.
JUST with the difference that performance and the PvPvE aspect gets properly addressed now.

No hard feelings here and maybe I shouldn’t have responded again because any language barrier drama coming up now but IF you really care about HWS and are not a rookie then contribute to the places which are already announced and available TOGETHER.
Without blame. Without accusations. Without assumptions. Without any salt!
Here is where you can get started once:

Contact me via direct message to get the latest Config file for private testing (since I don’t share it public since it is our Intellectual Property with hundreds of hours involved, not available for lazy stealing)

Thanks for reading and hopefully killing any bad smell lurking around here.

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Glad to read your input and as I have recently joined the server, am sorry I was not able to contribute to the changes.

Perhaps if you responded a little sooner like “HWS Config has a list of features and reasons for the changes” with a URL attached, much of these comments could have been avoided.

Was not aware that server could change these settings now. Lets hope EGS also provide a method where you can specify the weapons stats when you drag your mouse over it in the constructor or Tech list.

Nice to know that things are harder on HWS - perhaps an additional message within the introduction process will assist in informing new players of this servers settings and expectations so players can be from the start, aware of what to expect (Easier said than done and we can see all the hard work gone into this server - well done).
BTW, the comment of no lag whether 1 or 100 users was meant to be a compliment.

I suspect that server admins all over the world will be making changes to increase performance.

As for me - a player, I want to know my limits to the smallest detail. The issue will now be redesigning ships differently for various servers or for one if you play only on one.

One thing I did not like in the HWS Config changes ( count this as my contribution); is the reduction of thruster power. It is already an issue as your can add 10 thrusters to the back of a CV and it goes slower. EGS has stated that they will fix the recalc of thrusters in version 8 - which I am sure you know already.

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You can always check the changes - just look to the tech tree or in the constructor. HP, damage, rate of fire, reloading time, range. It is true value.

p.s. You can be confused by damage from handweapons and BIG weapons… But game (by default) show the overal (it is value in the game stats) damage to handweapons and real damage to big guns\turrets. For example with default game - you can see 600 damage for a hand plasma cannon and 54 damage for the SV plasma. How it can be? All simple.

Hand plasma have 600 overal damage and 500 blast damage with range 3. (real damage - 48 blast damage to: 1block - 33, 2block - 25 3block - 16 - real damage + 1 and 2 block blast damage have summ in common to the point of the hit) so we have medium real damage from hand plasma cannon = 95-100. (to blocks dmg*0.75 to players goes like it does)

And SV plasma - Have 54 damage in discription. But it real have 535 damage 535 blast damage with range 3.
So make the same calculation and we got medium real damage for SV plasma = 85.

And what we have in the default game finaly? Hand plasma cannon = 95 damage (72 to hull blocks) and SV = 85 damage to all.

In HWS config you can see REAL medium damage for: BA\CV\SV\HV weapons. The hand weapons have the overal (like in default game)

You asked why hand weapons displayed this damage in description? Game have many others parameters and some buffs, nerfs, damage multipliers, armor value influense for the player and etc.

p.s. About miniguns. Yeah i like it weapons too. BUT when you start die by shoot through hills, when you SV devices start take damage through you armor… You start hate it and wtire to HWS support. Because of that we “nerf” it. So i think i give a answer why.

Firstly, hope you, devs and owners have a great day today - a celebrated day for many.
I think this is my 5 day on the server and still need to learn much about Server rules/ gameplay etc. Enjoying and seeing a tremendous amount of effort so far.

Thanks for the update on the weapons calc. I design all my own ships, so will need to go back to the drawing board to recalc distribution of power.

Now that I know these settings are able to change, will keep my eyes open for it. Perhaps later, once more established, I will participate in testing changes.

Thanks for support and clarity. Will try not to create a storm except in game of course. :slight_smile:

Raided a base this morning using only the minigun turrets on CV.
Used about 250-280 rounds to destroy each Alien turret - which if I remember, is less than required by default settings.
Range was between 450-465m - I could see from experience points earned with every hit, that my hit rate at that range was between 80 and 85 %. Also could see the Alien turrets"blink"/contract parts on every hit.

The only issue / limit for me was this morning when using the gatling gun on a SV to take out spiders etc. Was a bit slow but I think the trade off for performance in the long run can be warranted. As previously stated, creatures can still be killed.

I see the rate is now also showing in the constructor and tech trees as to the settings on the server - was 133 originally when I complained about this and now appears 100 - nice.

We need one more thing from EGS to wrap up this issue: the firing rate and sound do not sync. It sounds like rapid fire but sparks and trace bullets do not match.

Discussion about the Config will be hold on one place in the future for now:

Regarding Gatling check back in 30 minutes after the restart: