Sv got captured by HWS in donor space

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What happened: Sv got captured by hws in donor space

Player(s) with issue: paxxo1985

Server: eu

Time (cb:time): 20.00

Playfield: Pirates Sector

Structure Name(s): Rhino-X3

Structure ID(s): (8167466)

How can we help you now:
=> BoughtShipBackFromAdmin paid 252860 credits and 1 RP to get Rhino-X3(8167466) back
I was in donor space for at least 15 min before my ship got captured

Thanks for the report.
Gave the money and RP back.

I will check that issue later today. that is indeed very strange.

Thanks. I found the possible problem.
In the future I will also have some more logs to check if everything was ok.

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