SV / HV Cockpit limit. Why only 2?



any thrusters? :slight_smile:


Yes it maintains about 25m/s accel in each direction.

The key is to build for it.

It’s not impossible.


Hell! With 100 cockpits i’d expect them to pedal-power through the cold vacuum of space!! :stuck_out_tongue:
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Rex, we need 3 cabins :slight_smile: Most answer choose it :slight_smile:


I think 2 cockpits is more than enough, as someone else pointed out if you need more passengers on your SV/HV there are enclosed passenger seats as well that can be used we can have armor added to those if needed in the future for “shuttle” builds if that becomes a thing on HWS.

For what purpose do you need more than 2 cockpits?

Wait, so even with the 2 max cockpits you can still have more than 2 using the different variants? I must explore this.