SV left in Energy Plant space preventing RP



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What happened: a while ago I got stuck in Energy Plant Space (glitched mission). I built a sv to do quick exploration of the planet, found nothing so I explored space. while i was in space the timer for the instance ended and I couldn’t re-enter the planet. (the timer was not visible while i had left the planet).
Because I couldn’t get back to the Energy Plant planet, and staff was dealing with a lot of other issues (my ticket wasnt answered), i just used the game command “cb:gohome”. That worked like a charm to get me out of that jam, and I was glad i set my home early on.
However; the SV i built has remained in Energy Plant space, and I have not been receiving the daily 5 Rp (or whatever it is) for not having structures in PVP. (for some reason the Energy Plant space counts as PVP).
Further, my SV has not auto deleted after the allotted 9 days, probably due to being stuck in a broken poi instance.
As it is now, it has remained in Energy Plant space for 14 days, and I have not received the RP bonus for that time, even though I have not left any structures in PVP.
Player(s) with issue: Jeeves
Server: NA
Time (cb:time):
Playfield: Energy Plant Space
Structure Name(s): Small Vessel
Structure ID(s): 22317943
How can we help you now:
please delete the SV for me, would recovering the RP be an option?


That was not intentional at all. Nobody should explore the space if the mission is on the planet but well, happens.

I marked the space for RP exclusion as well now.

I can’t recover your RP because this player does not exist on NA.


one second, logging in now, had a different name last time i was on


alright, i logged back in, is that any help?


Jeeves does not exist on NA.
Your username is your steam name and jeeves is nowhere on the servers.

ok, the tool updated you now


ok, done.


thank you very much sir.

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