SV Loss in pve planet

This Sunday morning my small vessel disappeared. In HWS Connect says that it was deleted in Zion on Saturday night.

That same Saturday night use and park the ship in Zion.

Ship data

Faction EHS

EL BICHO 22719006 Zion 1874 6 -1330 2 2392 1 false 960857 2 13:08 79 267 true

What happened to this ship? The ship is from the garage market. (The cardinal)


The SV was bugged out. It was in the pole and could not be teleported out.
Therefore the tool destroyed it to prevent a playfield crash.

Can we retrieve the ship?

I woke up to find my CV parked right in the green barrier this morning on Zion. I rarely park on RP Planets anymore since I lost my last CV there, and I know I parked it a good few KM from the green barrier next to some other structures.

Spent a good hour getting it out of the green barrier only to have it warp another 7km away after I drove it out and got out of my seat.

Thinking parking on RP planets may not be a great idea?

Is it that important? Is it a big loss for you?

Should be one of the easiest ship replaces in history, its an HWS blueprint lol

I think the trouble is more the restore than the replace.

aka - he’d lose everything he had… Same scenario i had when Zion ate my Slaughternaut Class 3 CV.

The ship cost me 1,000,000…

At least I hope they will refund the coins …

Should be back on Zion

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