SV Only Planet

This started as a reply in the excellent post Armageddon modifications announcement discussion and skewed so far off topic it deserves its own post.

I actually really like the idea of an SV only planet. Here is what I would do.


NO Base.
100% PVP.

Resets every reboot, all POI reset. drones on overdrive. POI alien core.
The Space around the planet should wipe on Wednesdays like the starter planets. Or taxed like home-world space. Or be PVE, now that’s a twist. If the space is PVE, it should wipe every 2 hours. I don’t know… something.

CVs will be in orbit cause when you die and lose your ship you have to have somewhere to go to bring another down.

The SV is the only vehicle in the game that requires a modicum of skill to be successful with. Two players can download the same stock SV from the workshop, but the victor will be the better pilot. in 1 on 1 of course.

HV’s and CV’s aren’t the problem exactly, its a complete and utter design flaw to have turrets on anything except a BA. This is an Eleon problem. The game is wrong.

Perhaps the SV only planet could be loaded with lots and lots and lots of gold meteors to make hand drilling it worthwhile.

This would insure that there are some meteors to hand-mine even though we all know the crybabies out there will shoot the gold meteors in yet another failed attempt to force the community that does not wish to fight and die on home world to go there.

If you haven’t seen them doing it on Armageddon yet, just go there and you will.

Having Gold meteors on a planet that Gold can only be hand-mined helps to not diminish the value of the ore.

What diminishes the value of gold and precious ores is:
1- HV drills.
2- PVE zones where these can be found.

I would like to see several of these planets sprinkled into the next map, or at least one SV only planet.

Multiple resets will clear the flotsam and trash of former glorious battles from the planet(s).

I know that from reading your post for a while there are two schools of thought on what constitutes legitimate PVP and what doesn’t.

Camp and blockade like what had been done on HWS since 3.0 is one way to declare victory in PVP.

But I define PVP victory completely differently. a chance encounter. a hostile force. battle ensues victory or defeat.

The only way to have my kind of PVP where opponents meet on much closer footing, is an SV Only Planet.

I want a place to fight SV to SV without having to contend with anything but an enemy pilot. SVs are useful, but they used to be great fun to battle with. I want to rewind the clock a little to before CV existed. when the SV was king. We should have a place to explore this most exciting element of PVP.

There are flaws and exploits that would inevitably happen on an SV-only planet too many to name… but an SV only planet, if it works opens up a whole new level of game-play fun.

-smaller groups could battle without being stomped.
-Alliances could train in tactics.(presumably in preparation for raids to home-world.)
-It could be the way forward for getting rid of any and all PVE space… there’s always somewhere to get resources, but you have to mine it by hand. I actually hate that idea.
-The SV-Only planet could have No Resources.

I’m not a big fan of the HV/SV only planet but here goes:


HV’s have to be spawned.
same wipe regiment as SV-onlyplanet.

The idea that an HV/SV planet and a SV planet would split the PVP community and this would be a bad thing is nonsense. If these planets existed, people would gravitate to the one they think they have the best chance of winning on, or surviving on. Happy hunting.

I will now troll myself to save you the time:

don’t try and change the game because you don’t like how it works.
Maybe you should play the game some before you offer suggestions on how to change it.
IF you don’t like CVs BAs and HVs play a different game! don’t change what I like, because i am the sun and the world revolves around me.
No one would play on a planet that they cant have a BA or CV you obviously understand nothing about PVP or even this game go play ARK.
How dare you accuse anyone of shooting gold meteors where is your proof?! sigh.
you probably just suck at making things.

Maybe this will work if dev’s fix hand drilling, but in its current state id rather /wrist than hand drill its stupidly slow to the point where if you sit and deal with hydrogen generators you’d be making 1000x more credits in the same time. That planet would be empty in this build of the game :}

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