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I have an issue with the SV I fly. It shows on the mini map as flying backwards, also when I come out of warp, it is facing from when I just came from. Screen shot to show same. Not sure what the issue, is as it fly’s forward, turns ok. Any ideas.

1st screen shot: I am flying toward North pole, but mini map says South.

2nd screen shot: Map, please note SV icon.

did you build it your self? Did you notice the arrow at the starter block?

So what you will need to do is take the cockpit off another ship and then rotate the cockpit and place it on your ship. Kinda like the image below.

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Then I added a warp drive too it & other changes.

In pic, the cockpit is facing fwd.

I’d have to load it in game but more than likely the person that built the ship built it backwards by accident. When placing a starter block the “front” is a specific direction. I’m not sure if you could take out the core and rotate it to fix the issue or not.

Ok so I loaded the ship in creative. Rotating the core does not fix the north south orientation. The ship was built backwards. I think there was a similar issue with the V-Wing in the garage.

I will try using “N” tool, cut all rotate & paste. see if that works. Thanks for you help.

Ooh I didn’t think about that. Maybe take the core out first?

It appears to have worked. I use “O” to line up, spawned in Rifter, then spawned in Sv start block. Used “N” to highlight, then paste & rotate paste, to fit over sv start block. Confirm paste & remove some extra block. Cockpit is lined up correct way with icon.

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Nice! I’ll keep that method in mind if I ever have the same issue too :wink:

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