Sv siezed by hws in peacekeeper

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened:**sv siezed
**Player(s) with issue:**koolerbox
Time (cb:time): last night
Playfield: peacekeeper east
Structure Name(s): kbx-sv-tomka
Structure ID(s): 11571304
How can we help you now: i forgot about the limit on sv so pls can u make it acm or delete it please as i cant leave peacekeeper

I had similar problem in freelancer hq – also pve playfield. Gareth suggested ‘getshiphere’ bot. It worked.

Move away from cv 200m and issue the command. CV and another docked SV still mine, plus a docked hv moved to me, leaving the confiscated sv behind.

thanx bud will try it

ah it worked thanx,admins can just delete that sv and close the ticket


owe u one bud