SV Stuck in Ground - getshiphere does not work

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What happened: After a few day I entered to the Penthouse planet. There is an tiny SV in which my Stuff is stored.The Ship now is stuck in the ground. Relogging and the “Getshiphere”-Command was not an solution
Player(s) with issue: BlizzardCrow
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 26.07.2018 since 14:30
Playfield: Penthouse East
Structure Name(s): Kackmule
Structure ID(s): 29540699
How can we help you now: Any solutions? If not please port it a little bit

Thank you - greeting.

Try using the undock command in the command console window and then use the cb:getshiphere:ID command in faction chat.

So open console window then
undock 29540699
then faction chat

See if that works.

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Amazing, that was not on my mind. But helped. Thank you!

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I thought that might work. The ship was still docked so couldn’t be moved with the getshiphere command at first.

@RexXxuS, I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe @Jascha can work his magic to incorporate the undock command into the getshiphere command so they both run with one command? Many people aren’t even aware that they can use some console commands in MP, or that that console command even exists. Just a suggestion.


another method (which I’ve used) is to make the ship public then change it back to private. It gets dislodged from the dock state and then you can use the getshiphere command if needed. Most of the time you can just fly the ship out unless it has fallen through a roof and you have no exit hole.

Thanks guys for helping him !

Good idea @TwitchyJ. It should be possible to do it via remoteex="undock ".


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Ok will do that. thanks :wink:


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