SV Supergates for PVE systems?

Would the devs consider adding a few SV-only supergates from ECC to some or all of the other PVE systems?

Currently you can take an SV with no warp drive to PVP space from most of the non-origin-specific PVE systems, and you can get around PVP space pretty well and return to ECC by SG as well, but once you’re at ECC you have to have a warp drive to get back to any of the other PVE systems even though you didn’t need one to leave.

This wouldn’t be much of a play advantage, it would just save players who live in PVE but want to venture into PVP with an SV from the annoyance of having to stop in ECC space on the return trip, retrieve a warp drive from OCD, attach it to the ship, and then take it back off and put it back in OCD after arriving home.

I think the overarching reason why their isn’t any PVE gates is it makes it too easy to escape a pvp fight through warp gates. Especially since warp gates are often a strategic choke point it would annoy the hell out of pvpers if someone could slip through the gates into pve space.

besides having a K warp enabled drive should be mandatory on all your ships especially in pvp space as it offers a get out of jail free card if your shields get nuked in allot of pvp systems.

In my oppinion K warping needs to have its place and i think warping through systems that are PVE should be its place since your traveling through “safe space” it should have a price. and frankly i think the price is pretty cheap as it is in the current build since you can fill your pentaxid tanks to insane volumes now.

You already can supergate from PVP to PVE space (ECC), that’s not what I was asking for. (In fact, that’s the only wayA supergate from one PVE system to another PVE system won’t affect PVP in any way whatsoever.

As for K-warping out of combat, I thought you couldn’t warp with an enemy ship nearby. Has this been changed back so you can warp regardless of the presence of enemies?

In any case you can’t K-warp from PVE to PVE or vice versa in an SV, the jumps are too long for an SV warp drive.