SV vanished, HV unreachable

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What happened: After the latest update, my HV disappeared from being docked in my CV and has unreachable coordinates in Peacekeeper East space. My SV vanished completely from my structure commander (never shown as deleted, just gone) after using it once to find my HV.
Player(s) with issue: Nitefallz
Server: NA
Time (cb:time):
Playfield: Peacekeeper East
Structure Name(s): HV is “El Tanko”, SV is “Scallawag”
Structure ID(s): HV: 8418547, the SV id is no longer available
How can we help you now: Restore SV, and move location of HV someplace reachable?

Added it close to Eden.

In general since this topic is so often now, I will soon create a command for players to get those ships back by themselves. That make the problem a bit easier for now until devs can fix it.

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