SV vanished, shouldn't have been docked to the CV Core

So I was deconstructing a CV, and before removing the core, I had removed the blocks below the SV. I left only the core of the CV, thinking that if there was nothing that the SV was docked to (blocks below it deleted or destroyed) it would detach, this did not happen.

I have now read that there is a bug with the game where by our SV’s are vanishing when the CV is deleted. I did not know that the SV doesn’t dock to the blocks, but rather docks to the core of the CV. This seems convoluted, but it is an Alpha game. Is there any way to have my SV returned?

This was on the NA server, in Peacekeeper West

Ship name and ID was “
Loki’s Utility 4020598”

Added it to Peackeeper west.