SV vanished

Mad Gibson SV Alien Weapon Factory 3374 87 -433 1013 true

So it was deleted on AWS planet, i was kicked out from cocpit on orbit transfer as usuall. Nothing new in game broken beyond any repair. But im wondering why its deleted, i hoped ill be able to get it on orbit or on planet.

No complain, its like 100th SV lost this way you know im already used to it and i rarly request admin help to recover these as i know how much work do you have. I just wonder why its deleted.

So it was deleted while you jumped?
hm we are getting such infos more and more. :frowning:
I also cant see any reason for it. Went through all the logs.

Can you describe in detail when/what and where it happend. Then we will send it further to devs.

Yes thats why im curious as its new, usualy structure wasnt deleted.

Ok so it happend on Alien Weapons Factory, on transfer from planet to space. It seemed as usual kick from cocpit. You fall to planet while SV stays on orbit, usually under the orbit to planet border, so you have to fish it out or ask admin.

Im used to fish out so i just spawned other SV when i felt to planet, went in it to space to get CV. Strange was that SV wastn on orbit, so i entered panet. Checked coordinates very carefully, it was on mountain (like 170 height) while SV coordinates was showing like 87. SO it seemed like its under terrain. I didnt hesitate and used very common missing chunks of terrain bug and flown under terrain if SV is maybe floating there. No SV.

I went to space and checked same coordinates in space, nothing there.

Then i noticed that there is Deleted True in HWS, as i wasnt expecting deleting(noticed today not yeasterday).

For logsā€¦this hapend around 11 at evening, and that time i was searching planet (might be later a bit wasnt paying attention), i returned 11 in morning today as it was full of stuff to search again.

And one more thing is that my router is slowly malfunctioning, so it returns packets back, but i think that when this happend it was his good time and it worked.

Well more strange stuff is going on.

300/-4900/19646 ARD orbit 13km from planet my SV just exploded from no reason, no drones around (of course its too far from planet) no enemy ship around.

Core exploded. Maybe core exploded in previous one too?! So it got deleted?
Will my head explode because im playing Empyrion too? We can only guess but chances are high.