SV vanishing

Rexx, you should also state in your warning post about the SV vanishing when docked to the CV, that the SV is still considered docked, when there are no blocks under it. Your warning however reads more along the lines that if you kill the CV’s core, the two ships vanish, rather than what happened to me which was a SV which had no physical attachment to the CV vanished.

Case in point, if you have an HV docked to a CV, and the CV’s blocks the HV was docked to were destroyed, or the HV’s docking pads were destroyed, the HV detaches from the CV. I expected this to occur with the SV when I dismantled the blocks below the SV, it should have detached from the SV, as per what happened to the HV. This means that the bug has the docked object connected to the core of whatever it is docked to, and not the actual blocks.

Can you post a video of a small structure undocking from a cv when the cv blocks beneath it are removed? because as far as I know this has never been the case. Docked is docked. As I said on discord, it has nothing to do with a physical attachment. It is a binary state reached by touching a docking pad to a larger structure. It is not released until faction settings change, or someone pilots the sv or hv in the opposite direction from the pad.

You keep saying docked to the core, this is not 100% accurate. But closer than saying it is docked to the blocks. In reality it is docked to the STRUCTURE. If you break just the core, and relocate it, the ship remains docked.

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Interesting, it makes absolutely no sense and I would not understand this from the vague messages Rex put out.

I mean, from a sheer realism standpoint, yes I absolutely agree. But it is how the core game handles docking, so I think Rex just worked on the assumption that a player knows that he means by undocked, that it is undocked and free, not just cut loose via multitool.

Cut loos by multitool, or what should be able to be done by blasting the ship and breaking entier sections of the ship away.