SWP i love these peeps BUT

Message to noobies and anyone else who wants to read lol Im Smudgybear RBA faction, SWP called us last night, just 3 of us we were happy to oblige in what they wanted 3 v 3 sv, every place they said too go to they weren’t there so i say if you ever get called out by SWP save your pentax and go mining stone instead as its much much more exciting SWP what a load of carthion ofalu lol
rant over lots of love smudgybear lmao


Nothing to Add. We call for “event” for 2 hours. Than, sancho all u, and u agree… After that, pass one MORE hour, and no one come (Place to meet: North poll on Gold). And after 3 hour of searching on planet, we go sleep. Ofc we didnt come, ofc we bad. Bc Smugy come… Where? Oh, he come to ban. On 2 hours. N1 come.

When the alliance say “we are on our way” it usually takes 1-3 hours for them to prepare their ships for PVP that is normal :slight_smile:

in day hours, mb its normal. But not at night… Its boring to w8 “someone”, at 3 AM, for 3 hours…

That’s false, we have no problem to organize “fair” fights with SWP.

the event was not with RBA sanchous asked us to step in after no one turned up ,so surely you if you call an event you have ships ready lol ? sanchous asked us and we stepped in with in 5 min and we waited on gold north and waited and waited for SWP to turn up but no show lol very weak…

LOL what? U say to w8 u, and than I ask “Where are u?” for ONE HOUR! Zero answer. Only sometimes, someone write that u comming. We said - when u IN, tell us and we come. We patrol planet all the time - no one comes. I didnt know where u was, but Im sure, u wasnt on Gold. 3 people riding around all planet all the time, couldnt miss u. The one reason - u didnt come to planet, and mb w8 some where in space…

first sanchous ask where we fight ? we say macross planet orbit. you say nooooooo gold north orbit then we come we waited and waited maybe it was lost in translation lol but next time we will get it right lol whoop whoop

Can yall just shutup for a second?
We need SWP to keep the pvp on this server alive.
Further more they are Russians and so it’s in their blood to be efficient and effective, the current state of the game dictates cubes are the best…
They are pirates can you blame them? The only thing they do is fight, repairs become a chore this way you know… just build a goddamn cube already that sounds about right to me tbh.

If anything else, it’s true SWP did say in a few hours time. Just a communication error, wether it’s their or your own fault their mothertongue isn’t English! Pay attention to this already!

A little bit of mutual understanding would go a long way, I don’t see SWP coming short in this area. I do however see the the rest of the server bitching to no END!

Sooner than later you rekt the fun for SWP and they’ll quit.
Then yall be whining about how boring this pvp server is.

No offense @smudgybear I know he loves these peeps, just stating the obvious about all the SWP posts going around lately.


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Haha, I don’t mind I’ve gone to Moscow a couple of times in my life.
Russians know what I’m talking about and would drink a vodka with me for saying that :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry but i dont think they are that effective as u would like them to be.