SWP wonna know reasons (No drama pls)

Few minutes ago, we had interesting discussion, with some threats to ban us.

  1. Our member find “white” SV, and go attack it (we Pirates!).
  2. He loot backpack and go to loot parts of ship…
  3. He was attacked by some WHITE CV…

And now the main thing: some WHITE CV come IN, and start SHOOT our member. Ok. Wonna fight? - go fight!© And what we get at the end? Rly, we see Server write us stop shoot and LEAVE area. Cool massage. For 10 (!!!) Players, which stay in different systems and places and some in fight. What fight we must stop? Who must leave?

And thats cool, when Raiden ASK - WHICH area we must leave, u threaten him - to ban? srsly?

Thats not funny. We didnt go to communicate, we go to threat with some bans and other. Admin could teleport in any place, he immortal, he could do everything. So why there was WHITE CV with ACTIVE turrets, which shoot our member, and we couldnt answer? I couldnt understand this situation.

P.S.: Problem VERY important, bc as for me - I DIDNT read chat in fights. With such lags like now - thats impossible. So we just create problem from simple situation, when admins use WHITE CV with active turrets and even didnt make any announcement about actions in PvP-area before arive in such way.


Signed for that


Thanks for your post. Its quite easy to see how this situation went wrong from both sides so I will briefly explain.

As you may (or may not due to possible language barrier) have seen in chat I was recovering a player/ship that had bugged when he entered orbit, leaving him in space and the ship floating in high orbit at the planet. All attempts to move the player to the ship failed for unknown reason so the only way to pair the two up was for me to force the server to change the owner of his ship to a temporary faction so that I could fly it, and therefore manually change its location.

Here is where it all went wrong.

I entered the playfield, and the coordinates for our tool warp did not match up to the actual coordinates of the player. I got the correct coordinates in chat a few minutes and warps later and set the ship to public so the player could advise me as to if we had successfully recovered the ship and set it back to private. I was standing next to the mini white SV, which and he was jetpacking to the cockpit when you shot and killed both him and the ship.

We/I completely realise that you may have simply seen a unknown SV without my name and shot, which really is not an issue here.

The reason you were asked to leave the area is that you left your turrets on shooting my character, and then after stopping shooting and being warned in chat then proceeded to start shooting again later. While multitasking it is not always possible for me to verify exactly which player is in which ship without delving into the logs so therefore I advise all SWP to leave the immediate area and when one was still not leaving 670m~ away I advised that ship would be deleted if it did not leave the playfield.

The threat of a ban/jail stands to anybody not just SWP who interfere with admins while they are helping players who have experienced bugs. It can simply referred to as griefing. As the players coordinates were in chat it is high coincidence for SWP to appear moments later. Once again we realise chat can be laggy at times.

So my conclusion to this completely overblown drama is really down to language and communication. I apologise if you feel I did not announce exactly what/where/why I was restoring a ship and it would have made things easier, however you must also realise that keeping an eye on that chat may well have lead to you never deciding to shoot in the first place.
No ships were deleted or players banned and you all managed to leave the immediate area, next time please do so on the first request.

As you mentioned a CV im hoping this is the same incident we are referring to as it is the only drama from tonight I am aware of.

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To finish this:
I was the server saying continue or ban. Since it escalated quickly. Next time we make sure to make more announcement in upper case to make the point clear.

Also you stated you don’t know who candy really is.
That is where I was a bit mad about since too many people lately don’t read the Guide. I know it is a lot but there are some slides you have to read. No excuses. So again make yourself familiar with our team:

That is all i want to see. Your apologise. Thank you.

Thank you Rexxus. Last 3-4 days Homeworld area is really active PvP zone. Pls, explain your admins that simple think.
We are stucked there so many times, and, sometimes we are correct it with our hands, sometimes we are asking your help, but we never require urgent intervention, and may take a day, until the problem is resolved.
Why this operation to “save Private Ryan”, with the creation of an unpleasant situation for more than 10 (!) Players.

I’ve been in the same situation as SWP.

I saw a ship leave Gold planet. I engaged it. I saw someone in global say “LBP STOP FIRING” and I thought "Oh wow - this guy isn’t dead and is already salty."
It was only after they despawned the ship that I realized that it was actually an admin.

I suggest that in the future admins spawn ships set to [HWS] faction rather than some random temp faction.

Mord you talking about my MSE ship :slight_smile: as stated in guide line mse + mit are supporters :slight_smile: , but i know its mutch to know :slight_smile: ive despawned my ship and let you firing as you didnt wanted to put them off :slight_smile:

Yup - which is why maybe having it be HWS would be simpler.

I have no problem with what happened -but I can understand why SWP would be confused.

All I hope, that all next time, when u decide to go “help” someone, or do something else - u will do dat announce about What/Where/Why, and we got time to getout from dat area before u come. This gonna save yours and our time.

P.S.: While we got lags in PvP - we couldnt always watch chat as well, as its needed. So… If battle started, only some other members could stop it by giving info for fighter. We all in Discord (voice-chat), so we all always get fast info, if we SEE dat Server-announce in time. Thats all we need.

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