SWP youtube channel

Hi all!

As u asked before, we create this channel:

On this channel we would upload ALL our fights, which creates so many wine and cry. Enjoy watching!

P.S.: I hope this will solve most of problem situations associated with us.


I like it.

Your ships get a 0 out of 10 for beauty.

They should be a rule that anything that looks square or rectangle should NOT be able to fly. No beef with you guys but if you were to attack me i would be more hurt that you destroyed me with what looks like a stale loaf of bread.

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Haha seriously SWP after so many months playing on HWS, you still have 0 talent to design vessels except cube and i have seen better cubes than yours…it’s a shame !


Brick ships are fundamentally flawed and easily destroyed. I hope people fly brick ships forever.

not gone against one yet. whats the weakness?

More than one weakness but the most overt one is the turret coverage.

The others you will have to discover for yourself.

It’s pretty funny how different the meta between the NA and EU servers is - I really feel like NA has moved past the cube while EU still hasn’t figured out how CVs work.

SWP - when are you coming to NA to kill us all like you keep threatening.

They can’t go to NA because they fear the real pirates:

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Guys i dont like the mood and attitude you are creating. It feels a bit liky bullying, when i see someone who cant draw or paint im not smiling to him i offer him help if he needs it…
(joking guys, teasing SWP a bit, they deserve that)

Lets be all polite as me, lets offer help instead of smiling, so here it goes…

So my SWP friends feel free to use this as inspiration, feel free to use these basic primitives, feel free to combine them. You will get there!

I love your YT chanel so next lesson will be about colors other than gray :smiley:

Miss you guys :slight_smile: :cupid:

I was not trying to be hostile. If I came off as such I apologize.

However, cube ships are a bad design. Simple geometric shapes in general are a bad design. I strongly suggest everyone who is remotely interested in PvP set up a private test server in which to put together designs and test them out.

Everyone should have a very solid grasp on CV mechanics post 4.0 as CV’s dominate space. I am not, however, going to do the legwork for anyone. LBP has spent countless hours designing ships, testing them against each other, revising the designs, and testing them again over and over. The majority of discoveries we have made have been from sheer dumb luck but they are discoveries none the less.

Don’t build cube ships. They are not good. If you are interested in the ship designs flow on NA there is a video I posted in the video/stream thread.

The ideal form of a circle, the circle is unfortunately in this game is more difficult to repair than the cube.
Our ships are daily involved in dozens of fights and yet not be able to fix the drawing - cube ideal form for repair.
NA - Arrive to us, prove that you stand for something or you just war in the forum?

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Sorry. Too busy repairing my pretty ship. You have no idea how long it takes to put the police lights and flares back on and colored right.

Once you have a ship design you like you can get very good at replacing the blocks on it. I’ve lost the whole center of my ship as well as ~30% of devices and it’s still possible to repair in half an hour or less. We have been toying with the idea of coming to EU for some fun but it would likely have to be during the weekend so that we can be online around the same time as you guys.

Edit: What times are you guys active?

can you link the post/thread i am not a pirate but am always looking for new cv’s and designs.

Usually, active from 16 PM (UTC+0), its near 18-20 PM by our time.

As for me, right now Im busy and had very poor online. I ask other, mb we find some “moment”, for such meet )

Let me know if you would prefer us to go to EU or if you want to come to NA. Most of us are on the east coast of the US (UTC-5) so it would have to be on a weekend since we will be at work during your peak time. What kind of numbers do you field during peak? I heard ~15.

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Ok. I think some of weekends - its n1 choice. We discuss this moment, and try to find good time for all us, for such “event”.

For last 2 weeks, not more than 10.

nice thank you

Yesterday, we were attacked by alien, I hope they will arrive more) (video posted on the channel)