T.E.A.M. - registration is missing

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registration is missing?

SergP (steam name)

EU (EU or NA)

[color=d0901d]16.09.2020 18:20(Use server time: type ingame cb:time)*[/color]*



Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

**[color=d0901d]When contacting the merchant(trade), registration was lost.
I didn’t contact the others, so I immediately went and checked the status. The trader has 0, the rest are normal and the balance is also normal.

~3260 -points from the trader


Since it happened again for you I won’t restore it for now.
After the fix patch is applied I will restore your points.

Thank you for restoring your registration.
With merchants, everything is fine, but there are no points and levels readings - when checking, just a blank screen. Checked in the evening after the patch.

It’s overloaded then and you have to check later again.

Okay, I’ll check later tomorrow.

everything works-thank you!

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