T3 Auto Miner not depleting ore?

There are 3 different T3 auto miners on each ore vein all around a planet and have been getting ore but the ore vein is Not going down. I just took out almost 4k iron ore from one AM and the ore vein is still at 100%

edit: Some of the ore veins are going down but most ore veins are all at 100% after 8-9 hours of 3-4 T3 auto miners on them

Otherwise they might figure out that they keep working on empty mines too

Posted this in Empyrion forums / Bug reports.

I had prepped long post for the forums as a possible bug for this. Most nodes that I have touched seem to never run dry. I have a hole planet basically with these miners on it. I have pulled at least 30k ore out of the planet without a single drop in the over all amount of the node. It maybe part of the code as well that rates the node but I will also say I could drop on a half mined node and still pull 200+ a hour out of it with the auto miner. I do love the auto miner and I am quickly getting as much ore as I can, won’t lie about that lol. ATM I have 10 miners down if I remember right. If you need further help or information from me rex just hit me up.

lol @ gargonus , why not report this before ?

That is what we told you… they are not finished right now… like the OP :wink:

I was going to. I came here to post what I wrote out last night. Made it all pretty too but since someone else posted I just added my comments here.