T3 Autominer Trader

Just looking for conformation that he is in game. Don’t wanna continue flying around looking of he’s not :slight_smile:

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The trader that sells is. The one that buys idk.

Ahh I should have been more specific. I know where to buy them, it’s if you can sell them that I wanted to know about.

I couldn’t find any trader buying them either and I think I checked all Racoom stations in wealthy playfields.

I’m sorry for the delay guys.
I checked it and it was only true in my sheet. Missing in the config file.
Added it now properly.
Hint: on a cool PvP planet.

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@RexXxuS Could you also double check Optronics? We have not been able to find a place to sell those. TY!

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Sorry for the delay :frowning:

I added it to a nice orbit now…