T3 Autominers being deleted DAILY! REALLY?

On the Eleon official server Trader Residence planet I created and placed 5 T3 autominers SUNDAY afternoon about 1600 MST due to the Friday WIPE deleting all my autominers from the previous week (sadly). On Monday, the next day about 0600 MST (14 hours later) they were all gone AGAIN! Deleted by the game. This has got to stop. Autominers are expensive items and SHOULD NOT BE WIPED!!! What is Eleon thinking? Devs, fix this… this is ridiculous. You are driving new players away with this nonsense.

Hello and welcome @ContractDeath

  1. you are posting in the wrong forum. This is about the HWS server. Not the official servers. Even though I administrate them.
    Go here next time:

  2. You have to make sure you read the rules and info before you start to play or wonder why things are how they are. Read here:


My apologies… Just VERY frustrated…

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