Tackling by SST

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: One SST guy tackled me - another blasted into hangar destroying lots of loot
Player(s) with issue: Daddystu
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 0320
Playfield: Nomad Empire
Structure Name(s): Stus SwissBrawler
Structure ID(s): 14752571 (I think - it changed a few times last night)
How can we help you now: I would appreciate it if you could restore my ship as it was any time before the tackling event. If you could put it on Kratos or in Peacekeepers that’d be great. Punishment for SST I leave to your good judgment. Video as evidence;

ahhh ye they cant win with normal pvp, really guys? This is how u want to play?

Players got punished / cleared.

Your ship can’t be handled because it is in stealth mode.

Hi Rex - ok i’ll move the remains of my ship to peacekeeper E asap.

sorry the video recording only started half way through - had to relaunch ReLive.

now in PKE ID:15033635 - thanks again.

Rex - are you going to restore my CV to before the tackling?

This video doesn’t show any misbehavior

Being in your hangar isn’t against the rules. You aren’t even attempting to move

Enlighten me - how can you tell if I was attempting to move or not? In fact i’d been stationary for 5-10 mins prior to starting to record due to the guy on the front of my ship. Disabling me while his mate flew around blasting off all turrets, then hangar doors, then ship innards.

So yes I was pressing bumper buttons, hitting O, powering on/off, thrusting all directions etc but nothing I did would shake the guy. So - in a nutshell - you’re wrong.

I can only go off of the video. the video only shows the enemy SV inside of you after you leave your cockpit. Up till that point, you cant even tell for sure.

Tackling though is the act of intercepting you with the intention of stopping your ship. Your video just doesn’t show the part of the fight that matters.

Since the interception has apparently already happened, the video doesn’t show anything. By your own admission this is 5-10 minutes after the tackling.

The guy in your hangar isn;t even the one you accused of tackling in your report, but he’s the only one in contact with your ship in your video.

I would hate to be punished for evidence like this, so I felt I had to speak up.

The fact that rex says the players got punished says enough.

Now please keep your own fantasy rules for yourself.


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Sure I can accept that, but I would appreciate clarification from @RexXxuS. The rule is awfully vague in the first place and the way we’ve been playing on NA we wouldn’t shirk from what was visible here.

did you not see the pop up message that he couldnt move due to a not docked ship?

Clearest example of tackling cheating vessel video there is.

So cute you’re trying to weasel out of something this clear.


Watch the ad hominem abuse, I have no connection to these groups that I know of, although chickens name is vaguely familiar…

It’s clear I was wrong about not trying to move. I missed that popup about not being able to move with a not docked ship. That combined with the vessel being clearly mid-flight is enough to convince me. that you were tackled.

Sorry for the delay and unneeded drama here.

It is a punishable offense to block a CV with a SV in this case intentionally.

See here:

Everything sorted by now I guess