Tackling rule

Can we discuss the tackling rule ? Currently no one is allowed to tackle

cv vs cv
sv vs hv
hv vs hv
sv vs sv

This is kinda silly

Now i understand the need for SV tackling CV as the dev thought it was a great idea to immobilize CV’s

I have videos of ALL factions tackling intentionally or not. Its actually really fun to do so… Can we please revert this rule to only SV tackling CV ?

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Do any of the other variations actually immobilise the target vehicle like SV v CV does?

If not, then I concur.

it does not

Yes, tackling locks the 2 together and neither can move. Of course large factions want it so they can gang up on players. Bumping is okay by me but not tackling.

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I don’t think tackling should be a thing, maybe if we ever get collision damage but right now it’s only used for one thing and that is immobilizing a target completely.


Again, it only benefits the large number gangs who can have 1 guy tackle while others destroy him. TaW has been doing this to me lately and it punishable offense. Accidental is one thing, but intentional …


hey guys, there is alot of talk about this

lets make this simple :-1:

  1. Tackling

    Do not tackle with your ships other ships! This notion of ‘tackling’ is considered an exploit and is an ILLEGAL tactic when used intentionally to disable or hinder movement of a vessel.
    note: When reporting violations, please include video or screenshot evidence.

Punishment: Seizure / Prison / Guilty


Bottom-lined - Drop the mic Ga :slight_smile: :policeman:

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ish… :wink:

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The real immobilization is the one where it prevents your ship from TRYING to move. aka you cannot move with a not docked ship. two cv’s intertwined, or two sv’s, etc, always have the potential of untangling using normal maneuvers. Even if its really bad, the “O” levelling to the playfield can push you through if you learn how to use it.
Trying to penalize a pilot of a cv for running into another cv on the assumption that it is avoidable 100% of the time would be assinine. There has to be some common sense applied. For example if one cv is shaped like a big net. Or floating blocks designed to wedge. But face planting is just part of pvp. It makes it unenjoyable when people try to call out every little thing as exploiting.

After posting I saw that it was addressed by gareth and the hws ploice standpoint in a more hardline aspect. So I will retain my post purely as a matter of opinion.

That’s a lie


There are times when someone doesnt realize another person is in their path. Said person runs into that stationary person and cries fowl that they were just tackled. Happens most often when moving person is in reverse. There are many times when i see someone retreating so i get in the path. They then run into me. So now I’ve been tackled by the tank in reverse. Should i report this?

You also have two ships moving and because of different ping, said ships are in different locations for each player. If you watch video footage from either player you will notice both seem to have been tackled by the other player. Who is at fault then?

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good fit for Off Topic.

Rule stays unchanged. Tackling = punishment.