I did not ram the ship what you see there is Lag, but anyway now i understand something realy fishy and smelly is happening in this server. So illegal ships, Sponging, ammo draning is permited. I will be thinking about leaving this server for good now, the only thing that keeps me here so far is the friends we have .the most absurd thing i see is this voting system that he keeps people voting for this shit.


Perhaps ACP put this on the CV pad at the elemental galactic services in response to the dirt filling but once it was deemed illegal we removed our dirt. The intention on our part was not to exploit but to use an allowed game mechanic. Things like this ship in the image and video bring further proof that when some can’t build strength and take on a powerful enemy they turn to exploiting and cheating with oversized ships and pushing for constant rule and limit changes. Things like the ship on the CV pad show that some have no respect for you or those of us that adapt to the changes and still survive.


bahh… you can let this one go swff, its their own way of coping on how weak they are… the fact that our shit is still on GG and theirs is not cancel out this stupid attempt to gain their morale back for losing so many times against us… and then some… come mine some gold!

P.S. ACP, you need to eat more acorns… and spell shit properly

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Sponging with a ship name spongebob is alright ?

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I hate to say this, but I don’t think we are going to get any more action out of this thread. Mind you, I am not kissing nobody’s ass, not RexXxus, not Raven, not our own. Here is my reasoning:

Oversized CVs, SVs and HVs are allowed on GG. Timer won’t be changed, even though they shouldn’t technically be there it’s already been said they will instead be taxed for offending the size limits. Aka no dessert for not eating your vegetables.

While technically a yes/no ammo draining event, he didn’t get killed over and over. So while an oversized CV that was technically not supposed to be in GG atmo, intentionally drawing fire from the base, its legal up to a point. Again, no dessert punishment scenario.

While Indica did have collision with Ravens CV, what has barely been mentioned is the gravity. Forward facing down with this much gravity, a second or so of not using reverse thrusters and your already going to the ground, whether or not you like it. Nobody can argue that.

So the outcome? Well, more of the same. It will continue whether we like it or not. And it’s not even about GG. We could be on HW, desert, water… just because we as an alliance are the largest threat to them, and the only ones that can technically destroy our alliance, is ourselves.

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So what was the prize for this award winning VIDEO GAME battle? How much Real World money was at stake? Was someone going to die in REAL WORLD because of something here?

When are people going to stop trying to find ways to cheat to say they win? When will you people just GROW THE F UP!!!

Was it really needed to fight like 10yros over this?

Anyone feel better now that they got to say someone else cheated?

Now you people can understand just why I likely will never bother with PVP on this server. It is not Rexxus fault or anyone else that helps with HWS. It is people like those in this thread that act like this is REAL LIFE and not just a VIDEO GAME. I am too old for the schoolyard BS.

Do not like my attitude? Want to report me? Think I should be banned?

Great!!! Ask me if I really give a S because I do NOT!!! You people need to do some serious growing up!!! Someone needs to keep telling you this everytime you pull this BS. Just once I would like to see video of a PVP battle where no one is being accused of anything. Where both sides had fun and in the end shook hands before going off their own ways.

As for attacking Rexxus and that pic. HOW THE ELL DARE YOU!!! This is not your server to say what goes on. I would love to see you BANNED for that just to show people that behavior is NOT ALLOWED!!!



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Oh dear… another potion of hate… day after day. I realize more and more why all others PvP servers shut down the last 2 years…

@Indica thanks for your constructive feedback.

The others:

  1. In this case and in future: I will punish now only, if I see a video of BOTH sides. To see which client get “lagged” in what way. Then we can compare and see what is true or not. “Guilty by evidence”. Putting everything aside by “lags” is too easy in this buggy laggy game.

  2. The SpongeBob ship has one obvious reason: to troll, scout and bait tacklers as it did previously.
    Looking at the log
    Raven know exactly when his 12 minute counter is over before leaving again and before it gets claimed by HWS and an automated punishment is coming.
    Now either we go ahead and shorten the 12 minute again, making it unfair for CVs to deploy HVs or I use (oh dear) an unwritten rule, to punish this behavior because this little sentence we have

The last four words are the key here.
From previous discussions I thought the SpongeBob CV got used as “bomb” in an attack, which is legit. He spent resources in repairing / sacrificing the CV and you by ammo. That is fine.
But by log crawling I see more and more a pattern.

Like @TacoIsland said, we can give tools as good as possible, players can still come up with something.
You can eat with a spoon, or you can kill people with it.
It’s so exhausting.

This ship and his owner got punished @XXSWFXX. I wasn’t aware of this blatant disrespect parking in a taxed playfield for so long.

So on topic: @Indica show me a video of your flight at that time to see how it lagged and I revert the little punishment you maybe not even noticed.

All the rest: yes, complain to me and bash me. Shit talk about me and my work or laugh about it.
But please, just leave or be silent. I’m really tired of this childish ping pong game which is going on in PvP everywhere.


No gray line.

Just Green.

We can all start playing nice. If you guys put away the filter tool and stop the tackling. This type of behaviour is not helpful for anyone.

Your attitude is pretty much basically the same as mine. Who gives a f… its only a game… but have you spent hours building a ship? building a base?.. some of us like to emmerse in this more than others so dont hate on that. I didnt attack rex, i told him what i thought of the situation. I know hes busy and hes had to put up with this war of ours for years lolol… so i really Fing hate when these little things are brought to his attention… i mean wtf raven… rex can attest that ive given nothing but good remarks, but if i see something was missed, then i will point it out…

Thank you rexxus, for taking it into further consideration… you really got me there…

I really didn’t see any hate…

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I catched this guy with a oversize cv name Spongebob “alone” draning the ammo of my base and i get punished?
regarding on what HWS can do, has nothing to do with the 12 minutes timer, player should just folow the rule that HWS created “No sponging” is very simple.

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Well to give everyone a heads up, Rexxxus fined me 30 Million and 49 RP for having CHAPSTICK on ECC. Rexxxus I apologize to you for causing you more problems with the users in the factions that currently control gold.

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I’m baffled by the amount stupidity or ignorance in this topic.
This is extremely simple.

  1. Rexxxus owns server
  2. Rexxxus made rules
  3. Rexxxus punishes according to rules

Not only that, but in addition he only punished due to video evidence AND promised to revert punishment if opposing side provides a video of their innocence.

This is exactly how these things are supposed to go.

  • Without evidence of the crime you are seen as innocent.
  • If you’re seen breaking rules in video (evidence of your crime) you are now guilty in the eyes of the jury.
  • If you present further evidence to prove your innocence you might be seen as innocent in the eyes of jury again.

Clearly seen in the topic, not only the accuser is listened to here. Everyone involved is free to bring any relevant evidence to table and it’s been considered. While this evidence about sponging doesn’t prove accused to be innocent of their own crime, it flagged Rexxxus’ suspicions about the accuser.

This suspicion resulting to him seeing a pattern of possible exploiting or ill behavior & he made a judgement call if this should be punished now lightly or severely the next time it happens. Everyone was listened to here.


Just thinking about this, you have to be really committed to kill someone with a spoon. Reminds me of some good ol’ George Carlin…

Specific point in mention, its at approx 4:32.


Pathetic at best - Learn how to spell if you wish to verbally assault others on here.

Everyone was not listened to actually - More like told to shut up or leave, allegations of hate which was not true.

If anything both sides had committed a “crime” but one party was punished.

End of …

I rather thought of this

Anyways, proper parties know now how to proceed.
End of this toxicity in here.