Taking stuff out of the OCD

I paid for an upgraded ocd during the last season, put a bunch of stuff into it and now I want to take it out of my ocd.
I was also told that for a limited time period at the beginning of this season you can pull stuff out of the ocd from anywhere.
So I used the command that is in the forums and it told me I had to pay for my inventory to get it back…a lot of money.
Otherwise I have to go to an OCD zone.
Can you, or can you not get your inventory from your ocd during the first days of the new season from anywhere ?

No gevans you can not take out from anywhere without a cost, you must be in an OCD zone.
There is a free OCD zone on ECC planet.

Thanks adysan, so that was wrong information when I was told there was a short period at the beginning of a new season when you could pull inventory out of your ocd from anywhere.

Yes, sadly :confused:
If i remember correct, this was only done once, after a catastrofic server crash, where we had to wipe all over after only a short week.

But, ask ingame, many players have ocd zones on the starter planets

I don’t know what you guys are talking about but on RE the OCD and Recycle usage is globally available until coming Friday.
1 week is a gift for global usage.

The cost has nothing to do with it and is intentional though. That can only be avoided if you are in a zone.

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