Taking the mystery out of cb:reset and CSW


As a new player and even for some vets cb:reset and CSW can be a little scary. The thought of losing all of your hard work can be a bit off putting. With this post I’m hoping to explain them so everyone has a clearer understanding of how they work.

The first thing to realize is that when you created a character it is given an entity ID. Much like any ship/base you spawn. This ID is what the game uses to assign you ownership to any structures you spawn. This entity ID also happens to be your bank account number for your elemental bank.

Your Steam ID is how HWS Connect knows which character to attached the OCD, Recycle, EB bank balance/levels, and all other HWS features.

I will attempt to list everything that is saved under your entity ID here. I may of course miss some and will add in later as I remember or they get pointed out.
-Character level
-Character inventory
-Ingame market
-Ingame bank
-Spawned structures
-Factory resources
-PDA Missions

Here will be the same list but for your steam ID.
-EB bank level/balance
-OCD level and contents
-Recycle level
-OAM levels
-Guilty status
-HWS ingots
The ones listed below I realized I forgot to test but should be tied to steam ID. Will update after testing.
-HWS marketplace
-HWS skillpoints

So with all of that being said, when you cb:reset you respawn your character with a new entity ID number thus losing/resetting all of the categories listed under entity ID and maintaining all of the values under your steam ID. Remember also, this means your bank account number for transfers will change also.

When you do a CSW you are going to a new server. Some of the values go with you. You are basically taking your character save file and putting it onto the new server. The only HWS feature that follows you is your reputation points. All other HWS features are independent on the 2 servers.

One your first CSW if you have not created a character on your target server you will be at the prompt to choose your origin. It does not have to be the same as the other server. Also your entity ID will be different between the two servers.

The things that transfer with you on a CSW.
-Inventory (minus worn armor)
-In game bank
-Ownership of your vehicles(including their cargo)
-Reputation points

After you CSW you will have an active character on the target server. This means you can log out of that server and too the server you came from. But that character will be stuck in CSW without the ability to use chatbox. Chatbox is how you access all of the HWS features. To make that character the active character you simply CSW back.

Special note on reputation points since this tends to be where a lot misunderstandings occur. Since your reputation overwrites on a CSW, any reputation earn on the server that your active character is not on will be overwritten and lost when you CSW back.

Hopefully this will lead to a little clearer understanding of these features. If I missed anything or there are any questions, feel free to respond.

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Definitely useful info for many new players (and maybe some older too).

Next go figure out how CSW & cb:reset work together :wink:

  1. you create character in EU
  2. CSW to NA (creating character there)
  3. cb:reset in NA
  4. CSW Back to EU
  5. What happened to EU character???

Basically in that case you would lose any levels you had gained on EU. They would be overwritten when the character came back from NA.


For someone whos stuck theres allso opition to first die then choose fresh start, in that case you wont lose much, only your inventory. Your levels and ownership to your ships, faction and bases etc lasts. You are being warped to starter planet and all you need to do is build cheap warp capable ship to get back to your base and keep on playing. On most starters its easy since you can use ocd.