Tales Past - console command


So, like many others, I’ve been stuck at the mission : Tales From the Past. I get through most things just fine but to avoid spoilers… I don’t think I’m missing anything. It is a “known issue.”

I came across the console command rwdchap 2 but obviously can’t run it myself. Supposed that allows the chapter 3 mission to commence as you need a chapter rewarded for it to be considered complete.

No idea if an admin running that console command would help at all since I’m not sure how you would selectively apply to players, just reporting the finding.

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Adding where I found it:
[Feedback Required thread]([Feedback Required - Version 1.5: Reworked story missions | Empyrion – Galactic Survival - Community Forums (empyriononline.com)])

Tip: In case you want to play a particular mission, you need to have it “rewarded”. To reward a mission without having to play the mission before, use the console. Type in ‘pda rwdchap 3’ for example. This will make the Totally Overpowered mission available. Check the details in the info card of the mission on where to go or where to start (This is usually told in the ending of the previous mission in addition)

Quick update in case it helps someone else:

My mission was bugged on Haven… but I was able to finish it on Persephone!

Just fyi

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