TAW Military Display Day!


Exciting day for all of HWS citizens! We here at TAW have decided to do a military display for all citizens to enjoy.

Featured in this are some of the most powerful ships ever to grace the server. These ships have helped TAW become the peacekeeping force for the Golden Globe ALL miners have come to love.

Included in this display are two of TAW’s battle tested Warships, the Oblivion class Judgement, and the Arms Race class Battleships. Please be advised, their security systems have had a few virus’s every since someone (no finger pointing) received questionable downloads from Ranzeth of ACP.

This display is for a limited time only so come and enjoy the vast assortment of ships before it ends.

Lastly, everyone and anyone interested in joining our peacekeeping force is welcome to apply, just contact your nearest award winning team member today.

As always, TAW puts the AW, in LAW!

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Join and get shot down today!

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Don’t make me put the smack down on you again :smiling_imp:


I’m still waiting on the first, before you can call it again :laughing:

But then again, can you call it just you, or doesn’t it take 3+ to try to kill me each time?

(Hint: it rhymes with no)

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“all” miners… you mean TAW’s slave workers, right? have you told them that they can get more than what the game mechanics pays for the gold just by selling the gold in the market or are you guys besides taking a third of their earnings still underpaying those poor noobs? =/ FOR FREEDOM AGAINST TAW


TAW would like to remind you that we have helped many new players achieve higher status. And by miners, i was referring to everyone that mines on Golden Globe.

No contractor that ever mined for TAW was ever killed during mining by enemy forces. EVERY single one was paid instantly and didnt have to worry about processing. We understand you being upset at our exclusive business model that shared the wealth, as you never took advantage of it.

Lastly, all mining was voluntary and they did it as long as they wanted to, and were quite happy with the results. We had one single miner that had an issue with lag on the planet. Other than him, we had not one single unsatisfied miner.

Remember, TAW is about peace and harmony, and we have the ability to maintain it.

If your not mining with TAW…AW!

I’d rather mine on Homeworld anyways and get actual resources that carry over after the wipe via OCD. So you have some gold, yays!

Oh noes! A server wide wipe coming up? What for happens to ma gold?? It sure would be nice to have fat stacks of ore sittin in OCD that’s less than 6!

So tell TAW off and come to Homeworld and mine your own damn resources and keep 100% of what you mine!

OMG how is this possible??


Simple! Ally with everybody there not part of the TAW/ACP alliance and mine your profits yourself! Give them the big ol’ metaphorical finger and mine today!

This can be you when you mine all those colors in the crust!!

Every resource you need, EVERY one!

Huddle together, TAW understands, its the only way to be safe…Unless you are TAW, the Lawbringers, the people who have given the long spells of harmony to Golden Globe. The ones who have often cleansed Homeworld of the pestilence that is contained there.

Everyone knows you can mine skittles, but there is only one color you need to mine. Hence why you are so desperate to be there. We will continue to purify the Golden Globe, to keep it safe. Join us or mine with us, we wish all the status their CAN DO attitude will bring them.

Upgrade your status with TAW

Huddle together, like in one faction you mean?

You should change the end of your post:

Downgrade your dignity with TAW today!

Like a great siege engine, TAW has rolled over the once war torn server of HWS and brought a calm unlike ever before. Whenever the great unwashed masses rise up to bring chaos and death, a call goes out…answered by the mightiest of warriors in their advanced ships, there to check permits and take names. Till the peace is restored, and the salt can be washed from the gold.

TAW, official salt shakers of 7.5

I would also like to verify the claims of viruses received from Ranzeth’s personal files.

I would also like to ask for more downloads of said personal files.



Well taco, you have actually 1v1 me once (you still ran away like a coward). I wrecked you so hard that you accused me of using a garage ship, which i proved to you to be false. Ill 1v1 u anytime. Note that I am a HV pilot, not a SV pilot. I’ve wrecked you once and I’m sure it wouldnt be hard to do it again. Cheers

I accept the challenge!

Thanks for the pictures Taco.
Its real art.

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