Tax list Issue

Im paying tax for a small SV that is not even mine. I never even flew that ship. I had to find it using a commander coords, then I renamed it just to test and in Connect commander it can see the changes ok.
But on my tax list the little ship is listed as old name and is taxed to me.
Strange to say the least.
Also I dont get taxed for my base at all and that is privaet to me. :slight_smile:
Im on the Peacekeeper hq

Think the tax list is bugged or something, I have quiet a few structures/sv/CV but only ever shows 1 on tax list. Sure the admins are aware :wink:

Well the tax list is only updating every 3 hours, maybe that is why?

Your private structure should be taxed though…
We will check

I looked for a bug report page on this and found this post. I have my CV and SV docked on it sitting just outside the north pole boundary. On my home world of alliance. CV - MCBC- Hammerhead and my SV viper M. Neither of these ships show on my tax list and haven’t for days. I have been parked there for 2 days now. Monday reset just took place. Watching my credits I do not believe I am paying taxes on them. However I am seeing my faction mates SV on my list named Stinger which yes used to be mine and is now faction set and he uses it.

Thanks for your honest report.

We will look into it!


Everyday Tax eats 20-30k cr, but tax-list shows only ONE SV…

can you guys please send me a screenshot of your tax list in HWS connect?
That would be really really helpful!

oh… this screenshot shows me the needed fail regarding the wipe count down in case you made the screenshot just right now x) In 5:20 hours it is 5PM in germany. No wipe at all. It is your local form of 9 AM" but not mine. Narf, tricky. Fill fix this asap.

About the tax list I have an idea why… thought I fixed it though.
Hold on.

Can you guys check your tax list now again please?
Should work and you see multiple entries now :slight_smile:

you pressed F5? Clear your cache please.
Then try again

Why so big? :smiley:

And could u give some more info on this page?

Full summ and time of payment (every day on 9:00 AM for Example)?

haha, ok, looks better x)
Hold on…

Sure, the green information button is coming too

Yea mine works again :).

At the top it does say ‘you have no taxes lucky you’

Followed by taxes lol, false hope :wink:

So that need to go if possible.

Only other thoughts are as mentioned about total sum and a little more detail in general.

Size fixed:

BTW: Two first positions - Why we pay for “nothing” ? :neutral_face: We ruined dat structures, but still pay for them?..

(And Why all NPC bases markers on planets, didnt work correctly? Even “mark” in Registry, shows nothing.)

Clear your cache - it should work now. The condition if you have nothing on the faction planets at all is a bit more tricky but I solved it for now.

@everyone You also have a total tax sum per day now!

When did you do that? The tax will only be paid at 9 AM. Till then no worry.

I resetted the faction planets. Maybe that is why. But next patch also have some fixes due that. Could be a bug.

Hey Rex,

I have noticed the numbers of devices is rarely the same for my BA (maybe for others structures too) on hunter planet, sometimes it’s the correct amount around 350 devices if i remembered correctly, right now it shows 502, i have seen sometimes more than 650 devices for it.

Hey Blackwing,

hmm. What I know is that if you dock a ship to another ship it will add the devices.

Other than that: did you change your BA in the last 3 hours? Due performance reasons we export the tax list only every 3 hours.
Additionally to that it is still necassary that the playfield will be unloaded at that export time. Only than you get the correct data.

And before you ask / what people asked: All this will be done at 9AM. So the tax is calculated correctly.