Tax zones and support tickets

Over the seasons there have been several support tickets that could have been resolved quite easily with having the proper knowledge about the tax zones. I admit it is not clear to newer players and can cause aggravations. I propose there be a 24hr delay on taxes to cut down on the “whoopsie” tickets and the refunds for glitches and the like. This would also help those that were only passing through during tax time.



Actually there’s a fair amount of warning.
The first 50 hours you won’t get taxed at all, and if you do “get taxed” you’ll be informed in the chat ingame that you were taxed but because you have less than 50 hours you it was 0’ed out.

And under 100 hours then you get 50% tax (And the warnings as explained above). And that is per server.


Agreed there are several warnings but the consequences are not as clear. Nor is a way to successfully avoid the tax man without being taught by someone who has battled with ERS (Empyrion Revenue Service.) My suggestion is mainly to cut down on smaller tickets that could have been avoided. I’m sure this can be done like the 24hr delay of RP for PvP structures.

Wouldn’t this just make the tax harder to notice?
Also most newbies who get taxed aren’t gonna be taxed 20k. We’re most likely talking millions of credits.

Technically it would be just as noticable. The warning pops every time a player enters a tax zone be it by ship, teleport, or login. This would just give a short buffer to those that didn’t intend on staying and those that have prime game times during tax time. Should be simple enough to mark a structure to be taxed and apply the next day if that structure is in a tax zone again. The mark can be removed once tax time hits and is no longer in a tax zone.

The other issue is the amount of “Ghost” ships lately. Ships magically appearing out of thin air, warps that don’t register.

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I have never understood the tax system. why are you taxes the same for an instant of being in a tax zone as staying there 24 hours? it makes no sense to me. this is espically probolomatic if your play time is near tax time and your only travel path must go through a tax zone as no alternate path exists. to me it would serve the pourpse of keeping certin playfields at low population to tax per unit of time spent in the tax zone with a grace period comencerate with the time needed to acomplish the usual task in that playfield.

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So like, you come into the playfield, the first hour is free, but then the taxes begin increasing all the way up to tax time?

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That’s a dangerous way to do it.
When you crosswarp your RP on the other server is set to 0.
If you then have someone in your faction go into that playfield for lets say 2 hours you’re already taxed beyond recovery.
Which would mean more tickets on the forum.

I don’t mean you get taxed by the hour, I mean it would be cumulative over the day. More time at ECC, more tax that would be taken.

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Wouldn’t that be same scenario as I described above?
Or do you mean you still have to be in ECC by 8:50 to get taxed, but the tax depends on how long you were there the prior day?

I mean that if you’re still at ECC by 8:50, you’d get taxed based on how long you’d been there.


I like it. Here’s a few ideas I have thought on:

Ship enters taxable zone and a timer starts.
Ship leaves and timer pauses.
Have “x” hours free then accumulate “y” per hour.
Tax time hits and a warning is sent to how much the will be charged if ship is detected in the zone on next collection time.
Timer is reset once ship is not in zone during collection time.