Taxes OH beautiful taxes "uncored"

Is it normal to be charges taxes on something that is no longer cored ?

Maybe, maybe not. This topic gives zero information to check. In future instant closed :slight_smile:

It was a question :slight_smile:

There once was a ship on Lucifer then it got uncored.

Ship id 1250123 got decored yesterday but still being charged taxes.

Dunno, 9AM/3AM is payday. If it was still there then this can happen. Jascha needs to check

In the future, if you have ships that you would like to be done with seeing, we (LoT) will salvage them for you. Just leave in space and shoot me a pm. We will pay you 1 cr per block for cv’s, and 1 per 10 for sv, plus 1 cr per device up to 200

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