Taxes on Alliance HQ

I was a big surprise for me when i saw my bank account was empty, later i saw the taxes in the dasboard and read the taxes info, i totally understand the reson for doing so, when thinking about new players, i consider myselfe a new player and sofar only Pve, so now im confused about where i can buid my base so i wont get taxed with my hard earnt cash, hope i get my cash back, and i will right away delete all my stuff on HQ planet, but i dont know where to stay then…

Best regards!!


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Hello @Jono_the_mad_man

First of all without these information I can’t help.

Second the HQ planet tax was set properly in the map description, no surprise as Eden + Sanctuary.
I did however at least set Debts to Zero.
If I get more info I might consider a refund.

Hi Rex,
I not sure what kind of info you need ?

when i build my base on HQ there where no taxes, when i loged off yesterday there was no taxes.
When i loged on HWS connect today to check my ballance in bank all was gone and i didnt understand why untill i read your taxes info, i had no clue… we are not all hardcore players and as i said before, i now understand why theres taxes, but as im playing alliance, i wont build in PvP and im not playing PvP yet at all im simply not good enough, so theres no room for my kind on this server or what?
Sorry for my bad english…

Your ingame player name and if HWS EU or HWS NA.

EU server

[DEN] jono the mad man

Ok, got you.
Same as here:

I made an exception and refunded some credits nevertheless.

Thanks a lot i really think i’ve worked hard for them, mabye im not clever enough to make money, after update 8 i’ve only spent money.

But im still not sure where i can build my base…

Hint: everywhere were the Core count is below 200

So you hope for less success, so there place for ppl on the server…??

Sorry, I don’t understand this ¿

if theres only room for 200 people on each world, your sucess is a problem i guess…

Ah I see :wink:

Well, it’s a all time high for HWS for sure but I have calculated it nevertheless and if everyone is spreading equally with all chances they have, then we are fine for 3 months ( = 1 season).

We will see… the Steam Summer sale will maybe break my calculation

ok, well i really like the server and what you have done with it, so i would really like to stay. But i guess it’s more like a server for hardcore players and PvP, so mabye not for me yet, makes me kind of sad though…
But this game has been a hard lerning curve for me, and this server indeed. but i hope you have a place for my kind of players anyways…

Thanks and even though HWS has a steep learning curve for sure, since it’s almost a game on top of a game, I made sure that not only PvP has its place but also PvE. We had a PvE only server and a PvP only server. Both were not successful. It’s the mix.
But as in reality a place with mixed cultures and people needs rules / limits to make it fun for everyone.

So as I posted above: if you head to Paragon you will have a nice place for you to stay in PvE without taxes even.
Or park in the Peacekeepers. Lot of possibilities without PvP enforcements.

I will, thanks for you time, and keep up the good work !!!

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