Taxes Stifles (parking in) PVP


It feels like the Tax on home-world, and Lucifer is extremely high. These places are where the valuable ores are, but the cost in taxes to go get them completely offsets any gain for getting them. So It has become Pay-to-PVP. Who would do that? I risk loosing my ship to spend a few hours grinding gold meteors or Zas or Erest, to break even?
I feel like a PVP server should have a high risk high reward system. right now it is a high risk no reward system.

I understand the need to stop the multiplying of cores on the home-world planets and the rotation planets. I would like to offer a simpler solution.

Make Home-world Lucifer and Gabriel TAX Free, Just set them to wipe Daily. No one guaranteed anyone Meteors. I think even pirates would agree that it isn’t cost effective to PVP in homeworld. As it is now there is zero reason to go to these places at all. Yes there are cool POI there that i would like to explore, but I don’t want to go into debt doing it.

thank you for your thoughts.

If you played here on last version, homeworld space was heavily lagged due to evryone parking their ships in orbit, its no tax on planets, so make an base there and mine all you want, me and blackwing have lived on an planet there for long, we still here without not much lost :slight_smile:


Just dont leave your ships there overnight. You do not pay taxes for having them there, just for LEAVING them there. Which is not PVP. Its setting up camp. And given that the performance in an area declines with increased core counts, it makes perfect sense to try and cut down on cores in pvp heavy playfields.


It’s only expensive because people that pvp die a lot and have permanent 0 RP, the calculation is just way to heavy on 0 rp and way to lenient on high rp., best solution would be to calculate tax on pve with RP since pve dudes will have rp and taxes on pvp exclude all rp in calculations and have it as a flat reasonable rate.

So you want two seperate tax formulas… To accommodate for your lack of RP. The idea of the tax is to cut down on the amount of people there, and it gives a benefit to RP. I haven’t paid a single day of taxes since 5.0 came out. Its not difficult, especially with the non taxed pvp planets per origin. If you are genuinely having problems keeping up with taxes, just relocate. Dont demand that the server change to fit your situation better.

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The RP loss on death has been there for a while and I also feel that this punishes PVP. However Rex said that he had a new idea regarding RP (gain) so good changes incoming.

And no don’t park in Homeworld. It’s not meant for that because the game can not handle that kind of core amount in one orbit.

As Thranir said, ONLY the Orbit is taxed. NOT the *-world planets!
Gabriel is tax free anyways. It is just a 70RP restriction.
Lucifer is evil! Pay taxes or die :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh why are you crying a lot and your eyes are full of tears, I’m selling a beautiful box of tissues, this cheap only $ 0.99, who goes? !!!
It is incredible the amount of tears in this forum …

PvPers being stuck at 0 RP is simply not true.

Well, seriously now, what ever I had was a limit on the total loss of Rp, something like every 5 or 10 deaths in a period of 12 or 24 hours, you lose 1 point of Rp, this way it would be something fairer, and Would make pvp practice more intense, you only have to be aware of the death limit, but if you reach the limit in less than 12 or 24 hours, the next deaths would cost 1 Rp each …

And I would still go beyond, to avoid draining ammunition, after losing all rp to each death an item in the bag would be moved and after that would remove a slot of the ocd, then after dying 10 times and lose another 30 rp for death And even if he loses all that he has in the bag, if the player, continue he loses items nno ocd and if he still does, he can either out of the server or in prison … surely he did not come play the game …

Okay. I was on Lucifer and got nailed with tax because Lucifer is evil. It cost me near 200k. I got 4 gold meteors so I broke even. Which means I got to drastically cut cost to go there to make it profitable or worthwhile to go there. Which means I should not bother with a CV with full guns or devices or the ability to protect my loot, I should take a Warp Sled and Pray. Or perhaps drop the HV and go back SV etc.


I’m not trying to park in Home-world. The Topic title magically changed.

The message kept saying Home-world is taxed. That means the orbit not the planets. gotcha. I must have missed that, I’ll be sure to reread the rules and info before, apparently, crying on the forum lolz.

SO How long is it safe to park in Home-world orbit? what time is tax time?

Thanks for the info.

Iv warped multiple times with my epic minigun and my rp has moved once to 1 and then back down again, it doesn’t bother me to much since i don’t live on areas that need rp im just giving my thoughts on people that want that option, although i was taxed once for half raiding an enemy ship re-coring it so that it wasnt shown on map and left a spare core on it so the original owner could take it back, he didn’t he prob didnt even log in and i ended up paying a crap ton of tax on that T_T so yea last time being nice in tax area lol…

That sounds more like a bug instead of a consequence of PvPing.

Also, you don’t need to recore a ship to have it disappear from the map, as long as it’s not public it doesn’t show up as a beacon.

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On tributes in orbit, it is simple to park the CV and, deep space in a neighboring player field, create a few c and only with the minimum (warp drive, warp tank, generator, fuel tank and engines and a cokpit and a ramp to dock the Hv or Sv), ready jump to the gold system go down on the planet take the hover dismount the Cv, put the pieces in the bp again and have it redo mine everything and then it goes away …

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Payday is everyday at 9AM / 3AM

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