Taxes - We need some explanation

How is the tax system going to work ? Both Noks and Rolex lost alot last night and we dont realy know what we are paying for. So we need some q&a on this ASAP.

1: Who is paying for all buildings and cv´s in a faction ? is it everyone and how is that calculated then ?
2: Exactly how does that calculates and when is payment taken.


This is being discussed in this thread:

tl;dr; - They are working on a new formula.

Great… I know they are the best server admins i have meet in a long time.

We deactivated it till tomorrow.
I will also write more about it in the HWS Guide. It is quite a complex game feature so we need to adjust it here and there.

ANYWAYS you all missed the point that it HAS to be expensive. I am seeing people spawn class 4 stuff on these planets, sorry, that was not my goal. Or well, pay for it.

Cause you have to understand that this is my little trick to skip the need of Peacekeeper. To skip the need of adding PvE planets over and over again. I want a selfmanaged system. It HAS to be expensive otherwise it is crowded and full again. It is for lovely small or big houses, depending on your credit balance.
Not for a garage with 20 SVs, 10 HVs, 5 CVs, and an Eifel Turm.
Keep it in mind :wink:



I think the tax is just fine, that will teach em pesky carebears to move into pvp space! :slight_smile:

@RexXxuS please also cover in the guide the tax distribution among faction members and several structures handling. An example calculation would be great.

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