Taxes when you reach 150 RP on donator planet

As the HWS guide explain, as soon as a member of your faction reach 150RP, all the faction members will start to get taxed for all the structures on the donator’s planet.

Ive reached 150RP for a few days now and noticed it does not apply when living in space?(going on the donator planet from time to time)

Im wondering if its a bug or intended like this?

You… WANT to get them taxed?

He’s called crazy for a reason

Of couse not, I reached the 150 cap without remembering the taxes rule. Im just wondering if its a bug or if it hapenned to anyone before with the donator planet taxes. Now im testing the FA:Scan real quick and going back below 150 :S

This is why I kick people out of my faction if they reach 120 RP…

Oh… same as for the coming 6.0 changes:

for now I do it manually. Thanks for the reminder :smile_cat:

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