TCH and AAA skirmish on GG

Thanks for the good skirmish on GG tonight. You made us work for our gold. Also used up our ready to spawn class 3 hv’s. Gonna miss that one.


oh I missed that one. Have no idea which members fought you but thank you for being gracefull. Very welcome much nicer than the crap we normally get from people.

I’d bet its the ITA branch that fought them, the main branch is mostly inactive as of late.

3 TCH names appeared on intruder log. 2 of them did the heavy lifting - the third had only one entry. Could be - another AAA member with much more time on HWS - mentioned ITA a couple times.

Rommel? Jollyroger? Rings a bell? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rommel I believe. Other maybe com… and thIrd, i think started with an ‘s’.

Not certain, remembering names - shall we say, there are other things I am better at.